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A Dozen Ways To Revel In Poetry

1. Leave poems where they’ll be discovered. Write a poem on the sidewalk with chalk, crayon it on your child’s lunch napkin, tack it on your market’s public notice board, or tuck it into a friend’s coat pocket. 678 more words


salty beans

i was drooling into
a spoon then i dribbled
that saliva all over
my beans.
those ones i shared
with you.


With a complexion

beyond anything,

your chromatic dispersion

stains everything –

magenta paint from the soil womb.

What lurks beneath

your inconspicuous skin?

Oh, what grinds… 33 more words

Spicy Pavement

My driveway’s feeling saucy, man
-go habanero, to be exact. Wash it

all down in rivers, mourn heat lost,
shattered shards of nothing gained.

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Food Poems