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#livethewage Proves Congress Has No Idea How To Budget

Progressive group Think Progress has been putting on a bit of poverty theater over on Twitter. If you look up #livethewage you’ll find a number of progressive Congressmen pretending to live on $77 worth of groceries for an entire week. 570 more words

Tea Party

Microbiome...What Did You Say?

The first time I heard the term microbiome during my training to become a Certified Health Coach I looked it up to see what it meant. 740 more words


Piece in The New Yorker about paleo diets

I recently decided that, even though I’m not interested in happenings in New York City, The New Yorker has enough good writing to give a subscription a try. 329 more words


Day 9 - Food as Pleasure

The first week was less difficult. I’m finding that I feel hungry more often now. I’ve been sacrificing around $0.10-0.15 each of the last few days on spices and while this is only moderately reducing my caloric intake for the day it is increasing my appetite. 452 more words


Day 8 - On the Farm

I’m beginning the eighth day of my “Dollar a Day” diet. Yesterday I worked again at the local organic farm where I pulled weeds for a few hours. 535 more words


Book Club: Eating Animals

When I was a freshman in high school, my friend Andrea bought me Everything is Illuminated for my birthday. I was instantly smitten, and a long love affair with the work of the then very young Jonathan Safran Foer was born. 780 more words

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Don't Be Argumentative And Ill-Informed.

I fully support political debates. I think it keeps people interested in what is going on around them, although finding a source that isn’t biased is extremely tough for me. 449 more words

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