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Sometimes I struggle to know that I am worth the effort of a good meal.

It’s different when I am at home with my boyfriend. I do most of the cooking because I’m good at it, and there are two of us, and he likes to eat my food, and every meal feels like something special. 714 more words


Sweden goes (more) vegetarian

Today I was delighted when I read an article in Dagens Nyheter (the biggest Swedish newspaper), saying that more and more people choose vegetarian and even vegan  options. 898 more words


Why companies repudiate their own products

This week, the Big Three soft-drink makers pledged to reduce the number of calories people consume. And several big food-and-beverage outfits pledged to further restrict their marketing aimed at kids, who make up a huge part of their customer base. 558 more words


Answering a question that no one asked me about.

This past week Denver.Eater asked “How Denver’s Restaurant Industry Would Change the World Through Food.” They asked food editors, the governor, chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, coffee roasters, and restaurant critics. 555 more words

In The Field

Food Trucks in France: Faster Food?

Food trucks are by no means new to France. But after three years of consistently rising popularity, it’s near-conclusive that this American culinary concept is here to stay. 863 more words

Kira the Wonder Dog's Greatest Adventure

On September 8th, Kira the Wonder Dog left this planet for her greatest adventure ever leaving a large hole in my heart. I trust that with time (and apparently a lot of cooking) my heart will mend.  802 more words


Gazette 09/2014


Russian Farmers Will Need Years to Fill Gaps Left by Food Bans- The Moscow Times

Sanctions Put Moscow Foodies in a Tight Spot – … 290 more words

Borough Market