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Piece in The New Yorker about paleo diets

I recently decided that, even though I’m not interested in happenings in New York City, The New Yorker has enough good writing to give a subscription a try. 329 more words


Day 9 - Food as Pleasure

The first week was less difficult. I’m finding that I feel hungry more often now. I’ve been sacrificing around $0.10-0.15 each of the last few days on spices and while this is only moderately reducing my caloric intake for the day it is increasing my appetite. 452 more words


Day 8 - On the Farm

I’m beginning the eighth day of my “Dollar a Day” diet. Yesterday I worked again at the local organic farm where I pulled weeds for a few hours. 535 more words


Book Club: Eating Animals

When I was a freshman in high school, my friend Andrea bought me Everything is Illuminated for my birthday. I was instantly smitten, and a long love affair with the work of the then very young Jonathan Safran Foer was born. 780 more words

For Fun

Don't Be Argumentative And Ill-Informed.

I fully support political debates. I think it keeps people interested in what is going on around them, although finding a source that isn’t biased is extremely tough for me. 449 more words

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FDA warning on powdered caffeine

The Washington Post carried a story yesterday on a new FDA warning about powdered caffeine’s potential for a lethal overdose. Caffeine is relatively unregulated as a dietary supplement and companies have been selling it mixed into “energy” drinks and “shots”, … 757 more words

Food Politics

Serving food while sick

“Stay home if you’re sick.”

That’s the message to food industry workers from the nation’s public health watchdog, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 128 more words

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