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The Privilege of Choice: Are Healthy Meals Accessible to Low-Income Earners?

Occasionally, we will bring in a guest author to offer another perspective on important topics like stretching your budget, food security, issues of poverty, recipes, and more. 1,170 more words

Eating Well

What Exactly Is "Real Food"?

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of kids and their parents at their school’s Healthy Habits night.  My talk was on Smart Snacking, and as I explained to my audience, the first “key” to smart snacking is to… 1,174 more words

Autumn fungi workshop

Yesterday I had the supreme good fortune of attending The Bizarre and the Beautiful, Alison Pouliot’s fungi workshop in Woodend, Victoria. I recorded an interview with Alison before a wonderful day of immersion in the fungi kingdom. 33 more words

Food Politics

Pagan Ethics and Food Politics

I don’t shy away from controversial subjects, and this is one of the many controversial subjects within the Pagan community.

Should you, as a conscientious Pagan, be vegetarian or vegan? 538 more words

If only pirates have poles: the future of fishing on the high seas

On April 2nd, I was fortunate to attend a class with Rick Loomis. A photographer for the LA Times, Loomis is known for his work covering environmental issues and conflict zones. 201 more words

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Meetings Held Regarding the Prevention of Terrorist Attacks on Food

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Soft Lead: Imagine a day when food supplies can no longer be trusted, a day when a single act of contamination could go by unnoticed into the grocery stores and into the bodies of millions of people. 682 more words

Headline: Updates to the FSMA May Lead to the Prevention of Possible Attacks on Food

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determine the organizational pattern of the piece … 47 more words