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CFP: Dystopian Underbellies of Food Utopias

With visions of Soylent (or the original, here) in the news these days, who can resist the following call for papers for a panel at the upcoming… 318 more words


The Poet's Guide to Bin-diving!

To give a little bit of context to this creative writing piece, I’ve been “bin-diving” for over a year now. This practice essentially consists in looking though supermarket dumpsters and recuperating food-waste for consumption. 342 more words


Salty Food and Belching Cows Are Winners in Budget Deal

Farmers and ranchers came out smelling pretty Saturday in the massive $1.1 trillion spending bill on its way to the desk of President Obama even though they will not have to curb the emissions of their cows or report about the effect of said emissions on the environment. 257 more words

Food Politics

a place at the table-ed. peter pringle

“As a nation, we have increasingly privatized our response to hunger over the past thirty years. Through this transfer of responsibility from the public sector to the nonprofit-business partnerships, we have created a system that is effective in feeding hungry individuals but not in ending hunger. 409 more words


Glyphosate + Wheat = Celiac disease?

Several of our customers recently brought our attention to somewhat alarming news in the blogosphere that glyphosate (commonly known as Roundup) is sprayed on 97% of U.S. 1,146 more words


Children Exploitation: Beyond the Sweatshops

Every year different organizations make a call for consumers to watch where their clothes are coming from and to ensure that they are not buying products produced by children under awful conditions in third world countries. 449 more words

Gazette 11/2014

Another month without a recipe, but I’ve been busy finishing the Chriskitch Cookbook. This has not stopped me reading however so there is still lots to share. 243 more words