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Ginger As Effective As Meds For Migraine

As a sufferer of migraine, I am always on the look-out for what can help, especially since I can’t tolerate any drugs! So, I was pleased to see this study suggesting that ginger powder was equally effective as a usual triptan medicine. 237 more words


Fructose Intolerance/FODMAPS - A Primer

Useful new primer from Janice Joneja on fructose intolerance today for you, courtesy of FoodsMatter.

I have also added a new section to the Allergy Types area of the Health A-Z… 6 more words

Food Posts

Teas Contain (Unlabelled) Corn

Quite a few of us have been discussing teas and reactions to various ones recently on the TGF Facebook Group. Then, D writes in about her correspondence with Clipper Teas and proves we can’t always see why we react as the hidden grains are not labelled. 228 more words


Dekada Glorietta: Filipino Food Trip

Dekada in Glorietta 3 is a must visit place if you’d like to celebrate Filipino cuisine with your friends and family.  I was invited to dine at the restaurant for the first time last week and had a good experience. 300 more words


Feast Friday - 09/05/2014

Hello Everyone,

As you all know that I have started to write some food posts on every Friday and Sunday (please find more information on that… 74 more words


A word on food posts

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to write food related posts on Fridays and Sundays.We normally have home cooked food but I often cook out of whatever I have on hand or get from the market that week.This has been slightly bothering me because we are not having a balanced diet.It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle and it all starts with having a healthy and balanced diet.So I sat down and thought about it and finally decided that I should be making healthy  and balanced meal plans on a weekly basis While we try to have healthy & nutritious food all through the week,i decided to squeeze in some dessert on every Friday and a yummy snack,home-made or store bought on Sundays. 79 more words