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Food Poison

Poison in your food. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) one in six citizens will become ill from foods they eat each year. That would be five hundred million, give or take a few hundred thousand, that get some symptom of food-borne illness. 1,694 more words


Too much data, not enough information?

OK, this is interesting but I’m just not sure how knowing this much at the proposed depth will actually result in any useful action.

http://www.wired.com/2015/01/sequencing-foods-dna-help-us-prevent-diseases/ 167 more words

Food Safety

IBM Thinks it Can Make Your Food Safer: Will it Work?

Our food system is by no means bulletproof when it comes to pathogens. In just the past year, the United States saw major outbreaks of… 615 more words

IBM wants to protect our food by sequencing its supply chains

IBM is teaming up with food conglomerate Mars to study, and hopefully protect, citizens from foodborne illnesses by sequencing the genes of the tiny organisms that populate our food chains. 495 more words

Should Science and Food Mix?

A look at headlines and news clips and this would be a resounding NO! Keep science far away. What if I said food invites science? Needs science? 702 more words

Eating Healthy

Is Your Kitchen Contaminated? Warning, not for the squeamish!

First things first in this whole world of baking…the kitchen! Have you ever noticed a letter grade in the window of your favorite restaurant? Hopefully, it’s a A! 773 more words

Food Safety

Thought of the Week

“What I like to tell people is that the products that
are on the market today, through the tools of biotechnology, are as safe or safer than any commodity you’ve ever eaten because no commodity has been put through… 14 more words