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Food: my abusive Siamese twin.

When I was growing up, food was simple.  Fast food was a novelty reserved for rare occasions.  “In a hurry” wasn’t one of those.  Those moments were “Just wait until we get home!”  McDonald’s was a planned destination where we ordered food and actually stayed there to eat it, as if it was a real restaurant. 1,378 more words


The Dinner I Was Waiting For

For me, starting something is HARD. Not because I put things off until the last second (true), have poor time management skills (easy there) or am just lazy after a day at the office (ahem), but because I have complete and utter faith in THE FIRST PANCAKE THEORY. 528 more words


The Unintentional Perks of Food Sensitivities

For the past three months, I’ve been living on a pretty restricted diet for medical reasons — no wheat, yeast, dairy, eggs or beef. Although I don’t have the same experience as someone who’s had to eliminate these ingredients for a lifetime, I have noticed some positives to not being able to eat “normally” anymore. 235 more words

my food journey, week 4: if this be a baker

But when you’re ready for it, if there’s one bit of wisdom I can share which is a little bit yogic and a little bit me: when we say things like “I’m a baker” remember that it’s a story we’re telling ourselves… Now, that “drop the story” advice can sound like new age claptrap. 1,098 more words

Mindful Health Journey

Constipation Problems

Dr. Kurt Woeller sheds light to constipation problems on his new post about the common household condition on Lab Tests Plus. For many, constipation might just be a temporary problem that’s resolved with changes in diet, improved hydration, or the incorporation of dietary fiber. 97 more words

Bowel Infection

tomato + brown rice soup with crumbled sausage

Yesterday was a dark day. The sort of day where you want to draw all the blinds and burrow under the covers. I was at work when I received the results of my initial bloodwork (celiac coming next week, kids!) and my food sensitivities have been confirmed: gluten, dairy, yeast. 722 more words


Social difficulties experienced with food intolerance/sensitivity

I first noticed a sensitivity to wheat about ten years ago. I’ve had several different tests, conventional and unconventional bar the rigmarole that goes with going through the public health system and have been on and off it ever since. 876 more words

I: The Trouble With Food