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Burger King Dodging Taxes, Facing Boycott?

On Yahoo! News, we read:

Small, medium or large? The amount of outrage over Burger King’s deal to buy a Canadian donut chain could possibly determine whether the deal goes through — …

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Raising the Minimum Wage Will Ruin Restaurants

Why on earth would we raise our minimum wage to $15 an hour? Why is $15 the magic number? Well, the advocates for this movement say that it will help stimulate the economy and move us out of this recession, if that’s the case then why not $20 or $40 or even $100 an hour? 734 more words


Back to School, Already?

Very soon it will seem as if summer was only a dream!  I was amused as I opened the welcome letter from our school’s principle and read about anxiety and nightmares attending the start of a new school year.  308 more words

Lunch Lady

35 ways to avoid being the worst server ever

While you’re much worse to them than they will ever be to you, servers have the power to make the next time you dine out a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad experience. 1,310 more words


Workin 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin..

Good morning readers, and happy Wednesday! If you’re wondering why in the world I’m up so early this morning, so am I. (I’m an Orientation Leader at my University and today is our last session.) 474 more words

What's Bothering Me

Kitchen Assistant - Must be SF Resident and CalWorks/PAES participant, UI Exhaustee, or Foster Youth, SF

Job Duties:

-Assist cook with preparation of breakfast, lunch and snacks for 250 children daily

-Assist with on-time delivery of food to the classrooms, including loading and unloading on carts… 251 more words

San Francisco

Sour Grapes: Bobby Van's

There’s a lot on my mind about Bobby Van’s, but first let me establish some credibility.

I’ve spent 4-5 years in the food industry at four different restaurants, both in front and back of house.   461 more words