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The tip debate

I work in a café on the bottom floor of one of those huge over populated commercial buildings in downtown Toronto . 2 floors above me is the office of an attractive young doctor with a healthy addiction to turkey clubs , I joke that he’s in the turkey club (I know I’m hilarious ). 400 more words


I've been working hard... and will be making a come back soon!

Well looks like I jumped ship! I left my career of interpreting and returned full time to food service! I have a new job and am taking new classes. 65 more words

The 5 types of terrible workdays

We’ve all had them , and over the years I’ve whittled mine down to 5 distinct types so without further a due here they are. 300 more words


A turkey club is like a one night stand

I’d like to share for your amusement a conversation my co worker (and friend ) and I had today . Neither of us are what you’d call skinny girls, we’ve both been fighting the battle of the bulge as long as we’ve known each other. 148 more words


Top 5 stupidist reasons to be called into work

I’ve been in service over 10 years in that time I’ve been called into work for a medley of stupid reasons below are the 5 I thing really take the cake . 502 more words


Business Ideas Working Mom and Dads Can Start

During several conversations with old friends who are married and are employed, most of the time I hear the question, “Pare, may alam ka ba na pwede i-sideline?” This has been a common scenario for mom and dads who are still struggling to make ends meet. 510 more words

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