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Lovesome Biryani

Biryani is surely a food fit for a king, the people with the other colored blood, the royals, the cream of humanity.Don’ t I sound awful! 312 more words

Food Stories

Eat fruit

Fried banana , that’s some fruit !

Food Stories

And the fiesta continues

The food fiesta on mosque road continues!Why do we have these only during the month of Ramazan? We should have it more often.Somebody hear me please.It’s so much food.I know, not everything is perfect about it and there are those are things that a hard to stomach, but, there are also those things, food that is completely delicious.And then, there’s the atmosphere, so festive.And then, there’s the craving and thoughts about what’s gonna be out there.I’ve made it a few times to the fiesta and i’m going to tell about this time’s visit.I’m simply happy when i go to these food places.Let me show you some sights… 580 more words

Food Stories

Three Vignettes about Carnival Food

Some years ago, Princess Picky spent some time working as a docent at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. If you’ve never been, let me describe it to you. 1,941 more words

Food Stories

Hosting Vegetarian Guests in Ramadan

The fast-breaking meals of Ramadan are a time for unity. Across the planet, whether at home or in the mosque, a day of fasting commonly ends with the sweet relief of fresh or dried dates and milk or water. 616 more words


Rain , Chai & Dunking Biscuits

My return home from office over the past few days has been accompanied by rain.The sight from my desk is unlike most parts of Bangalore.My window, the lens, captures a lovely picture.It’s a park.It’s full of trees,i hear the cuckoos coo, i see squirrels scamper and even discovered the crow pheasant, a bird that my eyes have never beheld.This afternoon, the view looked even more beautiful because of the rain.It’s beckoning to be enjoyed.But, amidst the busyness of life,it’s time to go home.And soon the beauty of it all is lost and we’re running out trying to avoid the madness the rains bring to the city. 180 more words

Food Stories

Polish Off Those Pierogies!

You’re just a little bit jealous of that pun, aren’t you? 

Pierogies are a Polish staple: just think, cheesy doughy half circles of awesomeness fried to a perfect golden brown. 586 more words

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