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Tricked 'Em!!! Ha...

Lettuce is not the most favorite vegetable in our household. “It is tasteless, insipid, and boring” –  I get this all the time from my husband and my two kids. 473 more words

Thinking like a Foodie

It’s fascinating how the mind works. When you are not really trying to think of anything, you still are thinking.

My mind randomly associates things with food, everytime! 89 more words


The Hotel

The security of having a job in a business filled with shuttered windows and broken china..here and celebrated one day only to be gone the next , is not all that great unless you create that security for your self!. 692 more words

Food Stories

Bready food..Hot cross buns

Food traditions,I’m not certain if they have meaning, maybe they do maybe they don’t but it sure makes you look forward to something different from your regular meals.It’s simply nice to know that its only during a certain time of the year we eat those foods.And we don’t seem to cook them up otherwise although we are perfectly capable of doing so.I guess that’s the way to keep it special. 339 more words

Food Stories

Feastly + Project Open Hand Present Entrepreneurs in Food

Feastly and Project Open Hand are launching a partnership April 17th – May 15th that will included five public events centered around food entrepreneurs. Proceeds will go towards Project Open Hand’s mission in serving healthy and fresh meals to the ill and elderly in the SF Bay Area. 159 more words

Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are staple items for many amazing restaurants (my favourite is still the Macrobiotic bowl a the Yoga Barn in Bali, bliss!) and can include pretty much anything you like. 330 more words


Lebanese pastries; Ladies Arms (Znoud El Sett)

Back home there was a suburb of Sydney that was home to several Lebanese pastry shops. They sold sweets like baklava, halva, and all sorts of exotic middle eastern delicacies. 934 more words