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King Corn

In the documentary King Corn, Curt and Ian had traveled around the country to see how much corn Americans really consume and how much its unhealthy for us. 159 more words

King Corn

Did anything in this film surprise you ? Disturb you ? Inspire you ?

Something in this film that surprised me and disturbed me was the evolution of farms and the transition from fruits and vegetables to corn . 285 more words

Thinking More Deeply About the Food We Eat

“King Corn” is a film made by two Yale graduates, Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis. They return to the rural country in Iowa and film the sources behind our food production. 338 more words


King Corn - By Muhsin

Muhsin Mahfooz

1)Did anything in this film surprise you? 2) Disturb you? 3)Inspire you?

1- It surprised me that Ian and Curt got $28 just for starting to plant corn crops. 543 more words

The Buzz about Buying Local

For many beekeepers in Maine, April 15 is not as much Tax Day as it is New Bee Day. Starting April 15th, packages of honeybees arrive to supplement the state’s 8,000 year-round hives. 965 more words

Food Systems

Tapping Success with Maine Maple Syrup

March in Maine brings longer days, rising temperatures and soon, a delightfully sweet aroma wafting across the countryside. Lines and taps are appearing in backyards and fields to collect what some call liquid gold. 685 more words

Food Systems

King Corn

-Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

It surprised me that corn is in everything even things like soda. They use corn as a sweetener and they feed it to cows instead of what they’re supposed to eat which is grass. 127 more words