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Mama Foodie Visits

I’m not the most friendly of people and daily need time where I interact solely with a book. Hi, my name is Abby and I’m an introvert. 969 more words


A Delicious Journey down Main Street: Park City Food Tour

yum – an interjection used to express pleasurable satisfaction especially in the taste of food. – And the slow-motion word of the day on the Park City Food Tour. 702 more words


Highest steaks

Guy Wilkinson unleashes his inner caveman on a tour of Argentina’s traditional steakhouses.

The windows are shuttered and a lopsided ‘closed’ sign hangs in the front door. 820 more words


Monuments to Love and Food

The Taj Mahal: an iconic symbol of Indian grandeur and a monument to true love. We have all seen it in pictures. I was excited to see it in person, but maybe not as excited as most. 2,665 more words


Cacao, chocolate, cacao, chocolate... have i got your attention yet?

Oh chocolate, wonderful chocolate!! Ladies, I know you love it, crave it and you all have your favourite…. I often get asked what is cacao compared to chocolate and how is it made and changed along the way?? 846 more words


Paris Tips & Tricks - March 2014

1. Make a reservation at Les Papilles. Seriously. Do it now. Okay, done? Read on.

2. Several parts of Paris are currently undergoing a bit of a facelift. 317 more words

Food Tour

A Weekend in Providence, RI

Weeks ago, as I was planning my schedule, I realized I finally had a weekend (mostly) free of obligations and scheduled a weekend trip to Providence to visit one of my very best friends. 731 more words