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Soul nourishing...

There’s food that feeds the belly and food that feeds the soul. If you’ve ever had the latter, you know no matter what the cost of that meal, its value is immeasurable. 228 more words


Reasons why not sleeping enough is terrible for you! http://ift.tt/VVJIKx

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All Things August: Gianni Di Gregorio's "Mid-August Lunch"

When it comes to watching films of certain eras, genres, sub-genres, or countries, or watching films made by certain directors, cinematographers, studios, or even ones featuring certain actors, let’s face it, we can’t possibly see them all. 310 more words


Eat good, read good/Лирическая посиделка под ветреную погоду в компании с

Сегодня в Баку ветрено, и, конечно, такая перемена погоды сильно бьет по настроению. Мне немного грустно и как-то неуютно. А что я делаю, когда чувствую себя как-то не так? 220 more words


How Gratitude and Kindness Go Together for Brain-Changing Happiness

Edita Kaye’s BlogBy Kellie Edwards You are probably not interested in my personal opinions about gratitude. If you read something about gratitude you want to know that it’s not just relevant to me but to you as well. 28 more words

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Saheena and pholourie with mango chutney