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First a Special Thanks...

There come’s a time in every person’s life, that they realize what they want to do. Sometimes that may be temporary other times its permanent. Whether you know who I am or are meeting me for the first time, I hope that these words spark or refuel the fire burning within. 900 more words


Holly Jolly Green Pork Chili

The dream is reoccurring.  Anthony Hopkins is standing over me “It puts the cushion roast in the slow cooker. It does so when it is told.”  Why Hopkins and not Ted Levin?  269 more words


Small change, big difference

Let’s face it: there’s some things we just don’t want to give up no matter how bad we want to look hot in that bikini (nutella, hellooo).  583 more words


My youngest sons diet

My youngest son, Sean, is on the Autism Spectrum and also has Agenisis of the Corpus Collosum. For you that doesn’t know what Agenisis is, it’s the band of nerves that connects both hemispheres of your brain and helps them to talk to each other. 368 more words


Recipe: Chocolate-Coffee Crinkle Cookies

Finals are finished, I’ve finished drowning my sorrows in a ridiculous amount of tea, and the next step in any healthy de-stressing session when home for the holidays is to, you guessed it, bake cookies! 305 more words


Baby Steps

It is important to do most things in moderation. Most people have heard the term “baby steps” but if you have not; baby steps is a term used to motivate people to do small activities to accomplish a larger goal. 405 more words


Tomato Sausages


Chicken sausage
Tomato puree, tomato chunks
Sliced onion
Cube garlic
Baby corn
Olive oil
Precooked carrot cubes
Potato flour
Paprika… 48 more words

Tomato Sausages