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Jennifer Garner’s Impression Of Ben Affleck Proves They’re Just Like Any Other Couple

Edita Kaye’s BlogBy Leigh Blickley Jimmy Fallon was lucky enough to get both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on his show this week. So, of course, following Affleck’s Monday night appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Fallon had to tell Garner on Wednesday that her husband gave him a cold. 18 more words

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Daily Meditation: October

Edita Kaye’s BlogBy Antonia Blumberg We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life. 31 more words

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22 Signs A Book Is Taking Over Your Life

Edita Kaye’s BlogBy Claire Fallon Most of the time, your book obsession is under control. Sure, you spend too much money at bookstores, expect your dates to be as dreamy as Mr. 33 more words

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Gluten Free Pizza

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of a gluten free frozen pizza. So many boring or super busy evenings have been saved by its presence. Most frozen pizzas are a little less expensive than delivery and not much more trouble. 175 more words

Summer Met Fall in My CSA Box This Week — Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 16

We’re in that transitional season right now in New Jersey when the air is slightly crisp but the sun is still fully warm. The tomatoes are abundant and sweet but we’re also seeing winter squash at the farm stands. 28 more words


What the sushi

After searching and searching for a yummy sushi spot, we finally found one that fit to our liking. A few nights ago, we were on the hunt, any place we went to had waits from 45 minutes to an hour. 150 more words


Please Your Stomach at Crimson!

Here on BSU’s campus we have a great reputation for food. From Tillinghast (Tilly) and Bears Den on the west side to ECC and Crimson on the east side of campus the food is absolutely delicious. 228 more words