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"Walmarting of Organics" Sparks Thoughts

My post last week about the “Walmarting of Organics” brought me gobs of email. The pot was stirred! But, that is a good thing and what “Food for Thought” is all about. 1,081 more words

This & That

#CheapandCheerful Foodie Crawl Mahim - Dadar

I’m so excited. New, spicy, foodie finds. Now, I know what Columbus mustve felt like. Except that he, the compulsive explorer  did not have the benefit of Twitter. 716 more words


Ben & Lynette

A plate of smoked turkey carbonara and a glass of americano.

Seven-Layer Cookie Bars

I feel blessed that, although I never got to meet my mother-in law (sadly, she passed away from breast cancer before I had the honor of meeting her), I have been lucky enough to carry on some of her most scrumptious dishes. 272 more words


Fated Foodie

Foodie - n pl -ies, a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food

In my house, being a “foodie” wasn’t a choice, but a fact of life. 352 more words

Meals With Friends

[RECIPE] Bringing Travel Home: Make Your Own Spanish Tortilla


One of the best things about travel is food, and what better way to relive the great nom-worthy moments then by bringing your favorite things back into your own kitchen. 373 more words


Cupcake ATM

Imagine craving a cupcake at 3:00am and all bakeries are closed. Now you do not have to wait until the following morning to satisfy that craving. 190 more words