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Food? YES!

Here I am again, this time I want to show one of the highlights of our Photography Class.


Studio photography is easy because you can get exactly what you want.

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Basic Photography

Vanilla Ice Cream all for me!

Yes there are some days that I feel it’s okay to just take a break from all the “right way” of eating.  I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t just sit in my pj’s watch reruns of my favorite show and eat all the ice cream until my lips and nose are so numb.   140 more words

Garlic Chicken

Simple lunch

15 minute – prep and cooking time.

Ingredients: Chicken, garlic, oyster sauce, pepper, sugar, water, oil

Heat the pan, brown garlic a little bit… 63 more words

At Home

Ribeye: 20-Minute Meal


20 minutes – prep and cooking time.

Here are your ingredients, add olive oil to the picture.

Start with caramelized onions
Onion, balsamic vinegar, sugar, olive oil – low heat… 59 more words

At Home

Pouched Eggs.... Is it pretty enough?

It was a couple of years ago while watching Julia and Julia that my love and hate relationship with poached eggs began.  I didn’t realize how hard of a challenge simply making poached eggs would be.   360 more words

September Issue

Xin chào độc giả của Team Luminary,

chúng tôi chân thành xin lỗi vì một số thành viên trong team không sắp xếp được lịch cũng như công việc cá nhân, dẫn đến việc trì hoãn bài tháng 9 vừa rồi. 125 more words