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Nan Shuang Bei Cheese

“As a foodie who lives in Beijing, I can’t believe that I’ve never visited Yong He Palace.” This sentence may not make much sense to you, as Yong He Palace is not the number one place that people tend to run to when looking for food. 479 more words


Gung Ho! Pizza

I’ve been reading a lot of The Beijinger lately, and noticed that Gung Ho! Pizza has won the 2014 Pizza Cup. This mildly surprised me, as Gung Ho! 466 more words


WangFuJing Street Food Lane

I was at Wangfujing shopping the other day, and my mom had the brilliant idea of showing me some “old Beijing” culture by taking me to the famous Wangfujing Street Food Lane. 677 more words


Maple syrup baked doughnuts with two glazes

I used to have a thing for baked doughnuts. You see, previously, I never knew doughnuts are typically fried, so the whole idea of baking them seemed quite the revelation. 726 more words


Wake Up and Taste the Juice

This morning I decided to make a citrus based juice and wanted it to be thick and filling so here it is…

Juice one slice of pineapple, one peeled orange and one peeled grapefruit in a juicer. 48 more words


Not for little monkeys

Now, let me start by saying the kids don’t like it, I am sick of it and SOH worships the oven it comes from. Every single time. 169 more words