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Duck Breast: Blue Cheese w/ Orange Sauce // Balsamic Red Wine Raisin Reduction

Had a farewell party for my colleague the other day over at my house. Whipped up a cozy dinner for 8 and this recipe was one of the three mains that night. 662 more words


Brazilian Bites Surf City

I’ve got good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first? The bad one? Okay. I’ve just discovered a new Brazilian cafe. 623 more words

Yearning for the Tastes of Childhood

My mom taught me how to bake with yeast. Whenever she made the small tatar meat pies, she would make twice as much dough as she needed. 130 more words


Banana Bread...

They say that when you are a cook your not such a good baker and vice versa.  I can attest to that notion because I pretty much stink when it comes to any kind of baking.   309 more words

Carrot Menu Photos!

The carrot menu started with a bang at One Ingredient by Matt Manning as a full house tried their hand at cooking assiette of rabbit from… 75 more words

I'm still holding on to summer.

To say that this summer was  really busy and exciting is an understatement.  And I think that is why I am still gravitating to all that represents summer to me.   150 more words