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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday morning called for an earlier than usual wake-up to deal with packing all of my things, which were scattered all around the apartment.  It never takes me as long as expected to pack up things when LEAVING a destination, which is a good thing.  1,065 more words


Never met a pizza place I didn't like.....

Well that’s not true….I much prefer the thin crusts to the doughy ones….but I’m willing to give this one a try. Maialino has (in my opinion the best bread in nyc, so their pizza HAS to be good). 8 more words


Murph continuing to put me through cruel and unusual #foodporn punishment

This is what I get for trying to not eat carbs this week pre wedding (That i am in, don’t get excited still single kids) I want that cinnamon roll ASAP


Social Media Presence - McAlister's Deli

There is a lot of new construction¬†going on in Muncie, Indiana around and near the Ball State campus. One of the new restaurants opening near the Munice Mall is McAlister’s Deli. 751 more words

Social Media Marketing

I think Hudson and Murph are teaming up on me...

I’ve been tagged in multiple #eeaaaatsss pics by the two of them this week. Really not helping operation starve myself after last weeks Montauk/Wedding damage…thank you for this one Hudson #foodporn