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Easily Fooled

Last year one of my mother’s uncles had a heart surgery and I had to visit him at a rural hospital. The hospital was big, clean and well equipped but the surrounding area was unkempt and crowded with people from villages all around. 273 more words


False Christs

Click here to see the full report of this astonishing current event (this news is in spanish, google translate is at your disposition)

“Hahahahahaha, look at those guy, are they crazy?” The answer is, yes, they are crazy, and no, they are not Christ. 362 more words

Twice Fooled

It’s the dog, again. She fooled me twice yesterday, and will now be back on a leash or in her kennel for a while when in my care. 655 more words

Wintervale Ranch

Another Edition Of Dream In Music's "Who Am I?"

Well, all you bloggers out there, are you ready for another round of guessing-who-the-mystery-person-is fun? Well, have I got a treat for you! Here is a picture of this very famous celebrity right here: 140 more words


Donald Trump Pranked, Tweets Love For Serial Killers

Donald Trump has been tricked via Twitter.

Trump had retweeted a photo of Fred and Rosemary West, two infamous British serial killers who are responsible for the murder of several women in the 1970’s. 186 more words


Day One Hundred and Seventy-Nine: Orange Ladybird

Like a 70s lamp, a polkadot-patterned dome, you appeared, a light-seeking orb, sitting precariously on my ceiling rose. You won’t find any aphids there, so I will climb up and take you out, wallflower, away from the wrong kind of bulbs, and back to the garden, to leafy mulch and munchy leaves. 67 more words


Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.