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Craters and Lies

Your kisses were permeated with lies.
You were like the tears that rolled
through every crevice.
Past my jaws, gracing by collarbone,
And then disappearing. 46 more words


A-to-Z Challenge - The Letter F

Feeling lost
Frozen in time
Fooled by the best
Fighting my own battles
Finding my own way
For now


Being fooled

These days I find that those that are not in their bible everyday, reading and studying are clueless and so easily fooled by worldly people, false prophets, so called biblical scholars,the business world, teachers, etc.  1,015 more words

King James Bible

The top internet April Fools of 2014

So I wasn’t going to do one of these this year, because I’ve been so busy with work experience this week. However, after popular demand (I’m not even joking!) I have decided to do a brief post on my favourite April Fool’s Day jokes of 2014. 368 more words


Timothy Wilson Comments: April Fools' Day a Success on the Internet

As most people know, April Fools’ Day was yesterday and this is a day that commonly pranks are played on one another. We hope you had a great day and didn’t get fooled too much. 50 more words

April's fool

the day I write a rhyming poem
will surely be the death of me

you’d sooner catch me with your pole, or
I’d capsize my own boat in the deepest… 31 more words


F.O.U.N.D- Deception




and Not


Alright so I have already talked about focusing in the past and just yesterday I talked about understanding, so today I’ll be writing about not deceiving. 915 more words