These Feet Were Made for Walking

I’ve never really understood people’s repulsion (or attraction) to feet. Most people I meet are either utterly grossed out by even the mention of the human body’s lowermost appendage, or have such a fascination with them that’s it’s a borderline fetish (or sometimes an actual fetish). 884 more words

Opinion Pieces

Location shoots, Photoshoots and Post-Poo drops

It’s been a rather eventful start to the month but not in terms of my list. A large part of me blames the chef for suggesting I read ‘A short history to nearly everything’ which has put me on a complete readers block! 433 more words


Yoga class

Yoga: the ancient art of proving you are more flexible than the Lorna Jane doused woman next to you. I recently took up this ancient art as another means to say: Hey, you’re okay! 534 more words

The Awkward Blog

Filthy Feet

As I continue to gain confidence in myself, my sexuality, my ability to control and be in command of others I notice being freer in all aspects of my life. 640 more words