20 Facts About Me

The internet would find you. Whether you like it or not. And apparently it did when a trend from a social network I’m not even on, where someone has to say 20 Facts about themselves and then tag someone else to do the same found me. 307 more words

He Bows With Foot Fetishism

❣ ♂ ♀  ❣

He Bows With Foot Fetishism

Happiness is appeasing a man who retains a foot fetish;

Prancing around with our modish pedicure… 155 more words

Bambi Chicque

Warning: G-Rated Pornography!

One of My favorite pastimes, when I am not busy masturbating, of course, is creating G-rated pornography. Hmm, G-rated pornography? Yes, exactly. According to the dictionary, a traditional definition of pornography is: “Written, printed or video material that contains sexually explicit images or content that some people find to be arousing.” The term that I reject very specifically, is “sexually explicit”. 1,028 more words


Jaws... and Feet

Jaws, ok? It’s fuckin’ Jaws. Jaws is the best horror movie ever made, hands down. I’ve never been more completely terrified of a movie. I’ve never had such a lingering sense of terror. 606 more words

Smash Troop


This is a subject no one likes to talk about:  kinky sex.  I’m not talking handcuffs and Grey wannabes, I mean real kinks.  Stuff you read and you just don’t understand, how could that possibly turn someone on. 203 more words