Karate, Franklin Method and #FootFetish Work #nablopomo

Karate has been on my mind again lately.

First, I started watching Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida’s clips on YouTube because I loved his footwork. A good friend suggested that might be popular for some ball busting foot domination. 461 more words


Foot Slaves are Everywhere

Show me a man who works at a shoe store and I’ll show you one who either loves feet or hates them. Either way the shoe store is a creative way to find foot slaves. 290 more words

Foot Slaves Phone Sex

Huddled Toes - Haiku #footfetish #nablopomo

Huddled toes, wrinkled
soles, ripples, like waves on skin
Meaty heels, veins. Feet.


Feets - Foot Lover's Haiku #footfetish

Feets. Soft, wrinkled soles
on a face, pressing jawbone,
tracing the zipper.

Feets. Veiny and fair,
toes, big, little, long, thin, strong
wiggle, wave, pinch, press. 45 more words


blackfeetecstasy: Ebony babe in bed with her sexy ebony feet up... New Post From http://ift.tt/1BhTidL


Ebony babe in bed with her sexy ebony feet up in the air.  I love her yellow|orange soles.

Playful ebony feet

on tumblr: …

7 more words

Early Rising Pedal Pusher - #footfetish

It is a crisp, bright morning. I am feeling wicked as I walk outside barefoot in his equally crisp bright white shirt that reaches mid thigh. 200 more words


last of the summer sun

i hate that the days have all gone dark

the golden hour reduced to a few minutes in the day

replaced by the cold, the wet…the grey… 23 more words

Erotic Photography