bless our soles...a foot fetish friday friend-1-1

Thank you sole society!! The Portia is the best new shoe on the block!! Not only is it a wearable a height (3 inches) for long days and longer nights, but it’s also on trend with its strappy caged sexiness. 65 more words

What's Ringin' Our Belle

Sexy Feet 'N Ankles

As I’ve said, ankle bracelets can really be sexy.  But if feet is your thing, there’s nothing like a healthy set of toes with nice nails:


IS THIS TRUE??!! The Average Woman Buys 17 Pairs of Shoes a Year

With the amount of time and money women devote to their feet, it’s a shame most of them get so freaked out around guys with foot fetishes. 117 more words


These Feet Were Made for Walking

I’ve never really understood people’s repulsion (or attraction) to feet. Most people I meet are either utterly grossed out by even the mention of the human body’s lowermost appendage, or have such a fascination with them that’s it’s a borderline fetish (or sometimes an actual fetish). 884 more words

Opinion Pieces

Location shoots, Photoshoots and Post-Poo drops

It’s been a rather eventful start to the month but not in terms of my list. A large part of me blames the chef for suggesting I read ‘A short history to nearly everything’ which has put me on a complete readers block! 433 more words