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Foot in Mouth Disease

“Ooops I did it again!” quoting Britney Spears, I stuck my foot in my mouth and said something I will likely regret for some time.  As soon as I uttered the words I KNEW I had messed up.  382 more words

Proverbs 16:9 - Journey Thoughts

"Foot In Mouth" Disease

I have responded to the news of the Federal Minister’s plan to ban soup kitchen within the 2km radius of city centre in my Tweets, FB as well as my LinkedIn. 951 more words


Date #1: Major Mustache

Pertinent stats: We’ve been texting back and forth for about a week– he’s been sending me Beyonce gifs and this is more or less a 100% guarantor that I’ll bone you.   1,015 more words

Bay Area

Try like Insane or stay the same ...

These are the words my spin instructor said to me in the morning in the middle of a heart destroying work out.

Before I could restrain myself from the avalanche that was about to tear itself free from my endorphin spiked (and incomprehensibly inflicted with allusions of nonsensical grandeur) mind and stick a repulsive gym sock in my mouth, those twelve fateful words poured out like verbal diarrhea. 118 more words

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles