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Royal Lessons

OK… I am not a baseball expert, but I am a fan. I am hopping directly and unapologetically on the Royals bandwagon.

I think there are many lessons that coaches and players can learn from this 2014 Kansas City squad and this Royals organization that can be transferred to other sports. 644 more words



Deals in fact not fiction

Is focussed and concise

Is personalised and engaging

Promotes detail and intent

Is quietly assertive and assured

Listens and watches more than talks… 18 more words

Two Lists

Seth Godin is a writer that I read and learn from daily. Although Godin is not a coach in the strict sense of the word, his writing often resonates with me. 314 more words


Using Scenarios

I was skimming through some of the Youth Mod 2 content last week and came across a note I’d made about using scenarios in sessions as a way to get your topic across. 694 more words



Football is a learned activity – therefore the more you play the more you learn.

At the moment youth football seems to have a very narrow idea of learning. 1,045 more words

Back to Basics

About this time of the season, amid all of the game planning and scheming, I always like to remind myself to get “back to basics” 328 more words


Messi - The Architect

Més que un club

More than a club. A City, a culture, a family, a pride, a passion. My latest trip to the Catalan Capital was a little more relaxing than my previous one, earlier this year. 1,110 more words