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What are the 5 Most Important Things To Know about Kids Football Classes?

Choosing the best kids football classes for a parent can be challenging. There are so many options from the local senior football club, to the afterschool services, to professionally run activity classes to dedicated skills classes, holiday clubs, player development programs and youth academies, just to name a few. 552 more words

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The Football Coaching Edge

Welcome to our new Sport4kids Blog!

Why not join us in a mission to create the best possible start for our young footballers anywhere.

We will strive to give you “The Football Coaching Edge.” My aim is to help you and your child discover the right way and do the right things along the way by providing insights and tips and secrets of… 514 more words

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Where to look for Developing World Class Football Coaching?

Where to look for Developing World Class Football Coaching?
What is world class football coaching? Well there is no 100% answer to this and different parts of the world have different ways of coaching football. 589 more words

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The Highest Quality Mental Reps

Mental reps….

Quality mental reps…

The highest quality mental reps…

There are limitations to the number of actual, physical reps that your athletes can take during the week. 750 more words


Let The Kids Play! That means…please Zip It Dad! And Zip It, Coach!

How many times have we witnessed a sideline of screaming (mostly Dad’s yes! who may also be the Coach)…pointing out every single mistake the player is making.   405 more words


Ask the Questions

Even though there is “officially” no football this time of year, it is always an exciting time for prep programs…

  • Everyone is undefeated
  • Everyone is right in the middle of their off-season program…
  • 430 more words

The Avocation "Coach"

Yesterday was my birthday….

Like most people that use Facebook, I heard from many birthday well-wishers on that site… which is always a nice thing. 65 more words