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Youtube is my friend!

Hey everyone :)

A quick post today about the importance of different resources to being a football coach, which varies a lot. I am a Level 1 coach at the moment with the Football Association, but every year I have to do quick recap training to maintain my qualifications.

Lea Valley Youth Football Club

Football philosophy is key!!

To many people, football is just a game. To others, it’s an opportunity to live out a dream; a fantasy and a philosophy. A chance to act out a plan that they may have spent years thinking about (or practising on Football Manager!). 499 more words


Simplify, paint pictures & repeat

Maurice Saatchi, co-founder of one of the most successful advertising agencies of all time said ‘simple ideas enter the brain quicker and stay there for longer’ and having spent around 20 years working in the communications industry I have had my fair share of experience and training on this from a business perspective. 806 more words

Conor Oberst and the AFCA National Convention

How are Conor Oberst and the American Football Coaches Association National Convention related?

Get ready for a relatively circuitous ride…

If you are over 30, there is probably a good chance that you do not know who Conor Oberst is. 535 more words


Seven Days in Season

25 years ago, during the 1989 football season at Central Missouri State University (now named the University of Central Missouri) Mark Hulet filmed a documentary chronicling a week in the life of a college football coach. 116 more words


Chokers or Champs, the art of the penalty shootout

Following Holland’s dramatic exit on penalties in the 2014 World Cup semi final, it is worth looking back at a report by researchers at the University of Exeter which showed for the first time the effect of anxiety on a footballer’s eye movements while taking a penalty. 448 more words

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