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NRG Energy Transforms Lincoln Financial Field, Home of Philadelphia Eagles

From solar panels to micro-wind turbines, NRG Energy helped earlier this year transform Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

System generates over 3 MW of energy or six times the power used during all home games.


Arresting Football Fans For Bad Behavior

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Is a fan code of conduct legally enforceable?

California and Washington state pro football stadiums have implemented fan codes of conduct that prevent fans from getting drunk, fighting, or otherwise doing what most fans think of as: behaving as if they’re at a sporting event. 182 more words

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The "Five Generations" Theory

I found it interesting while reading “The Stadium”, by Rod Sheard, that stadium design can theoretically be broken down into five generations:

1. The first stadiums were basically just a field that people would crowd around. 359 more words

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Atlanta Falcons Stadium Discussion

There was much discussion in 2012 about the Atlanta Falcons proposed stadium. Dr. Benjamin Flowers, of Georgia Tech, speaks to the public about what they should expect from a hundred million dollar project. 28 more words

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The Worst Investment In The World (Or At Least DC)

My dad always admonishes me against buying a new car: “it’s the only thing that loses half its value the second you buy it. Nothing depreciates like a new car.” That might be true in the strictest sense, but a new car only costs low five figures. 995 more words

Is Stadium Design "Architecture" or "Urban Design"?

During my first three semesters of graduate school studying architecture and urban design at the CUDC, community has been a major theme. We have discussed different types of communities, and what their needs are.  218 more words