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Trying to walk as if I have bound feet (4) – Experiment #3: balancing on 3 inches

After all the lumbering around first with my toes curled over and then on my heels and working hard to understand the mechanics that might have been involved in… 413 more words


Trying to walk as if I have bound feet (3) – Experiment #2: on my heels

If you have bound feet, your toes are curled over so they sit under your foot. The sole of your foot is sliced along its width and your foot is folded inwards. 518 more words


The Small Feet Old Lady from Qingdao (青島)

Sam Fat Building was a typical “one-stairway-two-families” (一梯兩伙) design. All the families in the building had an “one-entrance-two-doors” design. We all had an “iron” gate as well as a wooden door. 672 more words


The Last Bound Feet Women of China [video]

Photographer Jo Farell is documenting the last women in China with bound feet. This timely and important project tells the stories of these last remaining women who suffered the brutal practice of footbinding through intimate and respectful black and white photos. 192 more words