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Cover Me

It’s time to start your week off on the right paw hoof foot, and me and DJ Scratchy are here as always to ensure that happens with another sick groove from the CD that’s straight outta Bentonville on Mecca Muzak Monday.  605 more words


Kick Off Those Sunday Shoes

This one just makes me smile each time!  Love how it has, among many of my favorite movies, Strictly Ballroom‘s amazing final dance scene!

Random Thoughts

All For One and One For All!


Matanzas High School had already raised the bar for high school plays because of their amazing renditions of Little Shop of Horrors and Figments… 709 more words



Il est clair que j’aurais dû voir ce film dans les années 80, car mon opinion est directement affectée par le mauvais vieillissement de ce film. 215 more words


Movie Poster Dance Off

For my movie poster comparison I chose Footloose, originally made in 1984 and remade in 2011. Now I’ve never actually watched the remake because the original was one of my favorite 80′s movies, one of a collection of movies I hold sacred and feel any remake would ruin for me. 517 more words

Critical Thinking

Grey Francolin

Hide! Humans!!

Oh! Don’t be a sissy! These are the camerawallah’s! We need not fear them! :)

This is where we flaunt our plummage and do the quail walk whilst the paparazzi clicks! :mrgreen: :P :P


Faces of India IV

This man apparently manages a check post inside the jungle of Ranthambore, apparently there also is a washroom for all tourists who take a mid safari break to use the facilities and also get their legs free. 100 more words