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I Stumbled upon Inspiration: How to Backspace Writer's Block- TO DEATH

(My high school Biology teacher always said that white space was a good thing.   She also implied that donkey’s are sexually promiscuous.   Either way, some major kitty grumpsies are smashing my wordsss.) 308 more words

The Aspiring Thoughts And Goals Of An Adventurer

Den Blå Planet

Not far from Copenhagen Airport, on a site facing Øresund, sits the National Aquarium of Denmark known as Den Blå Planet, The Blue Planet. Inside, visitors stare in awe at the tropical fishes, sharks and other sea creatures from around the world. 393 more words



The water sparkled in front of me as the waves picked up over the water. Two seagulls landed and near the waterfront and fought over some food. 460 more words


Cycling in Copenhagen

There are certain tourist clichés associated with some cities that visitors must do in order to feel as though they fit in. Commonly known as the tourist gaze, they include the idea of having to sit at an outdoor café in Paris or going to a museum to see an exhibition in London. 566 more words


Infinite Jest: David Foster Wallace

When I started reading this book I was living in London, working in a dead-end job where reading at lunch time was what got me through. 905 more words



I told him I was depressed, and he said I hardly hid it. Not as well as I thought I did. The sentence just spilled out: yeah, but no one could guess I’m suicidal. 1,017 more words


David Foster Wallace On Policing Grammar

Another hilariously honest footnote, this one about SNOOTs, as only DFW can write. (Note, if you’ve noticed a slight change in writing style, it’s probably because I’ve been reading much too much DFW lately). 268 more words