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I was inspired to draw this picture yesterday while looking at one of my family members feet lol. (They said they’ll get me back by drawing something as well, can’t wait lol) I was being playful, of course.

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Counterflow or crossflow?

Cooling tower users often face a choice, counterflow or crossflow? Many times I was asked: “which design is best?”… tough question given the many variables involved in recommending one versus the other. 336 more words

Cooling Tower

How to stay warm (AND GREEN) this winter

I’m writing to you from yet another blizzard. No doubt winter is here with a fury. I actually like snow and blizzard weather, just not cold. 418 more words


Follow the Metaphorical Footprints in China

“Backward Progress: The Long March Project.”


“China at 60: Military marching lockstep with economic growth.”


“China in mind, India, Japan expand footprint in Indo-Pacific.” 45 more words

What's your marker?

I have felt the feeling before. I thought it kind of pessimistic and morbid so I didn’t entertain it, but it keeps coming back. This feeling. 743 more words

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