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Waves on the shore,

Trails of men’s life,

Washed away everyday.


SPRING CLEAN (20th century swept away)

So it’s a free country, all fine that. Except this was once my favorite corner and favorite block in the Chicago Loop, one of those four corners where the Loop elevated turns, this was the Liquor Store that wrapped the corner and then, heading west down Van Buren, Peppers Sandwich Shop. 180 more words

Life Style vs. Green

We have moved place this week because the owners wanted to sell the unit, so the last two weeks we have had open house during the weekends. 175 more words


You Choose Which Path

The last few days I’ve been doing some mini spring cleaning around my house and I stumbled across some old cell phones. I decided to charge them all up and turn them on to make sure they are wiped clean before I sell or get rid of them. 816 more words



The place between sea and land is a place rich with treasures. Some of the treasures are large or gleaming, some a miscellaneous tangle, some show life extinguished, others are subtle and barely visible. 103 more words