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Night Visitors

The snow lies lovely, sterling bright and white,
A broad-spread blanket, crystalline and smooth,
For days confined, snowed-in near cabin’s hearth,
While gazing out at moonlit silken glaze,

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HOBART 2014 #2

Dog at the beach.

One of the most beautiful things to do when travelling is to wake up when the Sun rises. Going to a beach with the pyjamas still on and just enjoy. 112 more words

I Was Here

I have been told lots of times that I have a lot of dark thoughts, that may or may not be because I have experienced some dark things. 227 more words


Never Again

“The concentration camps were like a big, windowless jail cell with a vicious wolf trapped inside its walls. Once people entered the iron gate, they were locked up, isolated, attacked at any time by the wolf. 64 more words


Social Media Footprint

Project Brand me

Explore your digital profile on social networks and take ownership

Do not log into any social media accounts…

Using Google to search myself I am going to take note of how much information about myself is accessible and currently publicly available. 251 more words

EHS Believes In Reducing Our Carbon Footprint - Boston, MA, RI

We special order 1.6 liter Eco-Boost Ford Transit Connects. These small displacement, turbo charged engines are cutting edge and efficient and we believe paying an extra $795 is well worth it!! 19 more words