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Ecological Footprint

Various tools have been developed to quantify sustainability of cities and countries. Berger (2014) listed six aspects of sustainability as aesthetic, environmental, financial, functional, political and social. 300 more words


She's Crafty!

The Holidays are coming!  Or should I say Holly Daze?

Of course with a baby it’s an absolute must to plan some cute pictures, outfits, and crafty gifts and mementos.  147 more words


Frankenfoot a Footprint Frankenstein

Creative Wednesdays

Thanks to Heather Marinkovic, formerly a hard-working nanny and now a devoted mother, we have shared quite a few footprint crafts with our readers this year. 199 more words

Arts And Crafts

Mirthful Footprints

Cloud and sand, chaste,
Devoid of shadow;
Quaint cowries strewn,
Careless, hollow.

As frothy aquamarine
Teases bubbly shore,
Gently kissing,
Ripples follow.

Those mirthful footprints, 10 more words


The hazards of home-made salt dough

How harsh I get on myself, and how quickly. In just 4 months, the salt dough I made with Joy’s hand and foot prints have grown moldy and looked even hazardous. 385 more words


Another from the archives...

Barefoot in the snow

Have you ever walked along the water’s edge in wet sand, leaving behind a transient trail of footprints that will be washed away by the sea? 848 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Michelin Celebrating 10th Anniversary of its Ultraflex Tire Technology

Michelin celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Ultraflex technology by conducting tire demonstrations at its research center in Ladoux, France. A select group of farmers, tire dealers and other industry influencers from around the world were invited to attend the event showcasing the company’s tire innovations. 208 more words