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Why Make Art?

Why Make Art?

because you feel the need and calling to create

your passion is at the root of creating art

your passion overcomes your fear of uncertainty… 67 more words

For Artists

African Conservation on Pinterest by Alison Nicholls

As we all know, there are many, many, many social media sites. One of my favorites is Pinterest, because it is image based. I have a number of boards, including this one about African Conservation. 67 more words

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Alison Nicholls: Life As a Human Article

Recently I was asked to write a post for Life As a Human - the Human Interest Magazine for Evolving Minds. I highly recommend a visit. 87 more words

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Sketching at the Explorers Club by Artist Alison Nicholls

I’ve been a member of the Explorers Club for a few years now but this was the first time I had sketched at the headquarters – the Lowell Thomas Building in New York City. 370 more words

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What is The Quarry all about?

One of the goals of The Quarry Artists in Residence Program is to support and enhance the growth of artists in active sobriety by providing uninterrupted time for work, reflection, and  interaction in a vibrant setting and community of great natural beauty, and by providing a safe haven for nurturing sober creativity. 93 more words

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Pencils for Africa by Artist Alison Nicholls

Recently I was asked to join the Creative Advisory Board of an exciting organization called Pencils For Africa (PFA) founded in 2013 by Karim Ajania. The point of Pencils for Africa is to connect middle school children in America to their peer group in Africa,  building a community, exchanging ideas, and allowing US students to develop a deeper understanding of the African continent. 320 more words

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Tony Fredriksson and his Driftwood Sculptures

Once a month I will be showcasing the talents of colleagues in the art world, and I am very happy to introduce you to Tony Fredriksson. 926 more words

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