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Levites in the Field Preview: Not Just Another Gig

The following excerpt is from my new book project “Levites in the Field: A Survival Guide for Christian Musicians”. As I’ve been researching and talking to my fellow musicians, I’ve found a lot of disillusionment about how they are treated by some ministries. 341 more words

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The Circle (Some Fun Thoughts about Relationships)

I was sitting in a coffee shop today and I noticed something quite adorable. There was a group of moms who each had a baby, all around the same age, sitting in sort of a circle together. 292 more words

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Armen Chakmakian on Royalties

There’s no doubt that the new music economy is brutal. We all know that. But we rarely get to see the actual numbers. Luckily someone is brave enought to come forward. 158 more words

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Taking a Break = Invigoration

During vacation for several weeks, I took a break, which I do not practice often enough.  What I noticed is that I really needed a break from my work and the usual routine — we were so ready for a long vacation.   176 more words



Sometimes we just need to worship in the waiting. Sometimes that’s all we need. To adore our God and to believe, in confident joy, that He has mind-blowing plans that will put ours to shame. 347 more words

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