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This quote by Goethe, below, is keeping me moving forward with my photography project, and it coincidentally fits nicely with my word for the year —   151 more words



I believe this phenomenon we call life can really be summed up as a journey of discovery. We each have one life to live, and as we go through our days and grow and learn, we discover many things. 484 more words

For Artists

Open Mic UK: Audition Tips for Singers

With national auditions coming soon for their annual competition (enter now), Open Mic UK are offering these tips for singers who are looking forward to an audition. 556 more words

For Artists

Synth Review - Dune 2 from Synapse Audio

For artists: Dune 2 is the name of Synapse-Audio’s new flagship synth. In this review I will look at this synth’s potential for New Age music and other “pad-heavy” genres. 540 more words

New Age Music

Creativity: Wise Words

Below are wise words from artists on creativity and making art.

“Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.”  193 more words

For Artists

So Much More

Artists are those who reflect and wonder at things that most people pass by without a second thought. They are those who search, who look for meaning in the simple things, because they know there is a reason, they know there is beauty if they just look hard enough. 730 more words

For Artists