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Fraggle Rock Crew Takes First At Just for Laughs Battle

Fraggle Rock Crew takes first place at the Just for Laughs battle in Montreal Canada. Final battle was super exciting, with Fraggle inching ahead of New York based crew, Floor Obsessions. Check the video below:

Fraggle Rock Crew

Police Auto Auctions

Police Cars Auctions and taxi Cabs

  Live auctions on line     I was thinking do all the taxi cabs come from police cars that got turned in because they had a lot of miles on them and they were unsafe?   336 more words

Taxi Security

Darkest Knight

I received a ‘package’ containing a sizeable amount of watercolour paints, brushes, pencils etc.  They belonged to my late Granddad, and I’ve been wanting to play with paint for a while.   54 more words


Screenplay Consultation (INQUIRE WITHIN)

I must begin my blog by explaining what I do for a living. Though I have been a literary manager for many years, representing clients in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, I have decided to take a back seat to the business of entertainment and focus on the birthplace of it, the creative world. 326 more words

Resume Rabbit

Since 1999, Resume Rabbit has helped over 500,000 happy customers supercharge their job search efforts and find a job. We’ve performed over 5 million resume submissions to all the top online job banks and job search engines. 18 more words

This is my Resume of my:

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About Me

This Guy!!

Meet my hero!  I love this guy!  If you need some work done on your house you’d be crazy to not call Matt Gardner.  Last year I saw a small platform deck on the sweetest little house in Nantucket and I took one distant photo from the end of the home owners’ long driveway. 84 more words