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Turning a pair of flared trousers into a pair of skinnies

I picked myself up a natty denim suit for just £4 from ebay.  The jacket fits perfectly but the trousers where a little flared for me. 209 more words

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Thought I'd tingle today :) (just for fun)

You know, I was feeling a bit of testosterone surging this morning, so I went ahead and gave that growling screech maneuver on my bike a try (see beginning of the Knight post video below, then come back to read this). 109 more words

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A Knight in the wind....

Religion is simply a multi-faceted metaphor, with a billion sides, none of them crystal-clear. Ah, screw it, I’m goin’ for a bike ride. It’s all the same; only the names have changed. 46 more words

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Learning To Love Myself

I have seen a lot of pictures on social networking that are made to empower women of all sizes to be who they are. I’m not as big as some of those women pictured, so why am I lacking the confidence that they have? 889 more words

In light of Harvest 19 (next Tuesday) I thought I'd post an interesting article excerpt (source of article below)


Freyr (pronounced “FREY-ur;” Old Norse Freyr, “Lord”) is a god who belongs to the Vanir tribe of deities. He’s also an honorary member of the other tribe of Norse gods, the Aesir, having arrived in their fortress, Asgard, as a hostage at the closing of the Aesir-Vanir War.

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My heart is full. Family is strong. Such joy. I'm smiling.

Viking Longship Aegir
Viking Longship Alsvin
Viking Longship Atla
Viking Longship Baldur
Viking Longship Bestla
Viking Longship Bragi
Viking Longship Delling
Viking Longship Eistla
Viking Longship Embla… 37 more words

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