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The most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing is <<love>>  if it exists. But anyway it’s the most beautiful thing what the people can have in all life. It does’nt mean you can speak or not, you can listen or not, you can see or not, its what you feeling. 88 more words

For Me

September Update

MK had his first swimming lesson. He loves the water. I am starting to think that all children love water (based on the 2 that I have). 621 more words


One of their own

Here’s a contemplation. Whatever religion we choose, does not matter. The god (s) and goddesses did not, and do not, worship others, for they were (are) themselves. 150 more words



Today I’m wearing my Hermione socks to honor Emma Watson. Well spoken, Harry Potter-girl!!!

Besides, these socks are warm and cosy too. I really love this pattern. 61 more words


Autumn and Cold Hands with Weekend Dreams

Autumn is here. With my cold hands longing for mittens. Longing for the mittens, I mean. My ginger bread influenced Doris-mittens from the book Vantar för alla årstider… 25 more words


Modern day hippy time

My mother became pregnant during Woodstock (big surprise, right?). Then I arrived. I guess I got a bit of free-spirit blood left over from the VW van wandering days. 92 more words

Just For Fun

Just a precious tick of the clock (and a stolen quote)

Time here is simply a tick of the infinite clock. I will do my best to treat it preciously. And when my time comes to move on, I will steal this quote for my final message to all: 25 more words