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FOR-PROFIT COLLEGES: Stealing America’s Future

David Halperin, Stealing America’s Future, joins Thom Hartmann to discuss what’s happening with for-profit colleges. As the cost of a higher education goes up – more and more Americans are turning to for-profit colleges to get what they think is more bang for their buck. 18 more words


Proposed Rules Take Second Stab At Holding For-Profit Colleges Accountable For Graduate's Success

The Department of Education is making a second attempt to rein in those for-profit colleges that benefit from financial aid to students without providing them the education needed to find gainful employment after graduation. 841 more words

"I walk the line."

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I used to be a Walmart blogger. That blog is still updated occasionally by my friend Jeff in Cleveland, but a few years back I came to the decision that I could do more to help my own profession through blogging than I could the Walmart workers of the world (although they all still have my general support). 1,117 more words


For-profit college exploiting low-income students

You are a for-profit publicly-traded college. You charge high tuition fees (as much as $44,000 for a 2-year associate degree program). You attract mostly low-income students (your average student earns $18,000 per year and has a credit score under 600 at the time of enrolment). 425 more words

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CFPB Sues ITT Tech For Allegedly Exploiting Students, Pushing Predatory Loans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a federal lawsuit against a well-known for-profit college chain, alleging the company exploited its students and pushed them into high-cost private student loans that were likely to end in default.