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Radio Boston Looks at For-Profit Colleges

Yesterday, Toby Merrill, attorney and senior clinical fellow at the predatory lending practice at the legal services center of Harvard Law School. was one of the two guests interviewed on… 47 more words


Why You Shouldn't Get A Reverse Mortgage Just Because Fred Thompson Tells You To

Turn on the TV and you’re just about guaranteed to come face-to-face with a celebrity or public figure selling a product or service. While those spokespeople may carry an air of respect and trust with consumers, what happens when the product they so happily lent their voice to turns out to have devastating affects on the consumer? 2,844 more words

For-profit colleges still reap millions from veterans GI Bill

Nearly four years ago, the Senate committee on health, education, labor, and pensions made what they considered a concerning discovery: the amount of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense education benefits going to 20 for-profit colleges had skyrocketed by 683% over a four-year span: from $66.6 million in 2006 to $521.2 million in 2010. 820 more words


For-profit colleges sue Obama admin over 'irrational' new guidelines

The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, a trade group that represents for-profit colleges, sued the United States Department of Education and Secretary Arne Duncan on Thursday over rules the Obama administration released last week that penalize career training programs for burdening students with massive debt while offering few job prospects. 430 more words


Rule Aims To Hold For-Profit Schools Accountable For Grads' Success, But May Fall Short

The Dept. of Education has been trying for years to craft a “gainful employment” rule that would penalize schools — mostly for-profit career training programs — by taking away access to federal funds if they fail to provide the adequate tools for their students to find work. 772 more words