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For-Profit Law Schools Profit from Disadvantaged Students

“In the class that Florida Coastal admitted in 2013, more than half the students were unlikely to ever pass the bar…More than 90% of the 1,191 students who graduated from InfiLaw schools in 2013 carried educational debt, with a median amount…of $204,000.” — Paul Campos, … 1,024 more words

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Why are students going to for-profit colleges?

Faculty in public colleges are often mystified why students would choose to take out enormous loans to attend for-profit colleges whose degrees are mostly not respected either by industry or other colleges. 665 more words

Watch John Oliver make the case that for-profit colleges are a waste of time and money

Many of the students starting college this fall also have enrolled in the club of US student loan borrowers, and now shoulder part of the nation’s… 307 more words

John Oliver On For-Profit Colleges: You Might As Well Go To Hogwarts

What would it look like if you condensed all our hundreds of stories about student loans and for-profit colleges into a profanity-filled, hilarious rant that takes a brief detour to discuss Lyndon Johnson’s scrotum? 802 more words

Corinthian Colleges Subpoenaed In Possible Criminal Investigation

Corinthian Colleges — the company that operates for-profit college chains like Everest, WyoTech, and Heald — is already under investigation by various state and federal regulators, but the company has disclosed to its investors that it may also be the subject of a criminal probe by federal prosecutors. 345 more words

Does It Really Pay to Go to College?

Almost two thirds of 2013’s high school graduating class is attending college now. One of the key financial goals of many American families is to pay all or most of their children’s college costs. 1,390 more words

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Aggressive Recruiting At Military Bases Pays Off: For-Profit Schools Received $1.7B Of Post-9/11 GI Bill Funds

The Post 9/11 GI Bill aims to further the education of United States servicemembers and their immediate family members, but a new government report reveals that most of those funds are going to further increase the bottomline at for-profit colleges. 1,348 more words