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Ohio: Where For-Profit Charter Schools Flourish

Bill Phillis founded the Ohio Equity and Adequacy Coalition, which advocates for public schools and exposes for-profit scams.

He writes here:

Imagine Schools, Inc.: For-profit, out- of- state business operation took $44.9 million of Ohio school districts’ funds last school year… 297 more words

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Palm Beach County Commission Allots $20 Million for New For-Profit Charter School

The Palm Beach County Commission allocated $20 million to enable a new charter school to borrow money for school construction. Some members of the commission opposed it, but the majority thought it was just another business that needed public funding. 287 more words

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Peter Greene: John Oliver Explains Student Debt and Scamming the Public

This is a must-see. Peter Greene here presents and discusses comedian John Oliver on student debt.

Most students will leave college with heavy debts; some will spend years trying to pay it off. 118 more words

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David Greene Has the Turn of the Century Blues

Feeling down about corporate ownership of almost everything? So is David Greene. Gates, Walton, Bloomberg, Bezos, Murdoch, Koch. What don’t they own? Our votes.

David thinks back a century. 35 more words

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Ohio: Letter from a Teacher in a For-Profit School

This came in my email from a teacher who gave me her/his name, email, school name, and phone number. I asked for permission to post the letter and received it. 632 more words

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Plunderbund: Ohio's Richest Charter Haul

The Ohio blogger Plunderbund here lays out the astonishing record of William Lager and the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.(ECOT). This online charter school is the largest charter in the state. 328 more words

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Ohio: When Does Public Money Turn into Private Assets?

Bill Phillis, a veteran warrior for public schools and equitable financing of them, wrote the following in response to a court case that will be heard on September 23. 361 more words

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