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Ed Berger Returns to Write to President Obama and the First Lady

Our friend Edward Berger returned from a long period of rest, reading, and reflection, and he is back in fine form.

He wrote a letter to President Obama and the First Lady to warn… 282 more words


What Would Cesar Chavez Say About the "Reformers"?

One of the most absurd conceits of the “reformers” is that they are leaders of the civil rights movement of our time. They bust unions. They strip teachers of hard-won due process rights. 130 more words

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For Profit Mix With Faith

Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. 1,543 more words


Employment Law Clip: Internships - Paid or Unpaid?

Student internships have become increasingly popular, and while internships generally benefit employers and interns alike, there is uncertainty regarding whether internships may be paid or unpaid. 107 more words

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Teacher: Another Example of Common Core Madness

A teacher describes a new start up–open the link and see if you can find a teacher in the lineup of leaders–funded by Rupert Murdoch and aligned with the Common Core. 101 more words

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Paul Rosenberg: How Phony Scare Tactics Drive the Movement to Privatize Public Education

Paul Rosenberg writes on Salon about the well-honed Fox-News style tactic of “crying wolf,” “the sky is falling,” we are in an “unprecedented crisis” to achieve political ends, in the present case, the privatization and monetization of public education. 733 more words

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Where Is Everybody Going?

Student Enrollment for:

Two-Year or Four-Year Colleges

Of the 4,495 Postsecondary Title IV* institutions in the U.S. as of 2009 1721 are 2-year colleges and 2774 are 4-year colleges. 121 more words