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CCA has profited from a 500% rise in prison populations for the past 30 years

In other countries it’s called bribing.

has become a multi-billion-dollar corporation that has been strongly criticized for many aspects of its operations, which amount to two primary critiques: (1) CCA’s lobbying and campaign donations have led to federal and state policies and government contracts that fatten its bottom line, often at the expense of the public interest; (2) CCA’s profit-increasing strategies constitute a vicious cycle where lower wages and benefits for workers, high employee turnover, insufficient training, and chronic understaffing can lead to mistreatment of inmates, increased violence, security concerns, and riots.

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Prisons and Profit

“How much influence should for-profit corporations have over the prison industry?”4:33 min


What Does Our Nonprofit Do?

I was sent this fabulous blog  about the difference between for profit and not for profit organizations. I’m not going to repeat was said—just read it yourself. 508 more words


BADASS intelligence program shows there's no distinction between for-profit and governmental surveillance

A newly-revealed intelligence program called BADASS once again demonstrates the connection between corporate analytics tools and government surveillance programs.

BADASS, which was revealed via documents… 276 more words


New Yorker Reviews Jeb's Record on Education: A Must-Read

The Néw Yorker has a long article about Jeb Bush’s passionate interest in reforming public education by high-stakes testing, report cards, and privatization. Since his own children attend private schools, they are not affected by his grand redesign of public education. 96 more words

Education Reform

We should not be for profit.  Profit should be for us.

Charter Chain Won't Answer Questions, Hires Lobbyists

In December, the York (Pennsylvania) Dispatch tried to meet with representatives from Charter Schools USA, the Florida for-profit chain that has been selected by the district’s receiver to take control of the city’s financially strapped public schools. 305 more words

Charter Schools