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Faith, Trust, And ...

Recently, I came across this term “impact investing.” Now call me naive, but I was under the impression that all investments were made with the distinct motivation of their having some kind of impact, most usually personal financial gain. 389 more words


Profit, Not-for-profit higher education, why it should not matter.

There is a relatively constant and accepted view that higher education should be not-for-profit and that for profit institutions are necessarily bad. I always wondered why we have this specific view for higher education, largely endorsed by the media. 737 more words

Higher Education

Florida: A Haven for Scams and Fraud

In a two-part article called “Florida’s Charter Schools: Unsupervised,” Karen Yi and Amy Shipley of the Sun-Sentinel describe how the state’s weak laws allows charter school operators in South Florida to profit while wasting taxpayers’ money and children’s lives. 1,270 more words

Education Reform

Incredible Challenges Overcome for a Cause and Profitability

Do you know stories of entrepreneurs who are passionate about their enterprise because it has an important social mission?

Are they looking for investors?  Crowdfunding?  Both? 32 more words


Non-Profit Organizations, For Profit Businesses ... and now Altruistic Entrepreneurs?

We all know what “For Profit” businesses do … they sell products and services to make money.

These days, the growth of the “Non-Profit” sector is becoming big business too as, though all the revenue generated has to be turned back to the organization. 926 more words

Why Birth Centers Are Bullsh!t

Now, of-fucking-course, not ALL birth centers are bullshit. There are amazing midwives in amazing birth centers that are bringing healthcare and safety in birth to communities of women who have never known such a luxury. 666 more words

Birth Balls

A new world wide phenomenon.

What is going to take all the national TV markets around the world?


Paradigm Shift, the Prosperity Game.

I just added “Prosperity Game” to Paradigm Shift.   21 more words