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a little slice from today’s scouting walk,

this little lake looks tasty.

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Why do rivers curve ?

a lot of us learned this earlier on in our schools days but a little refresher course can’t hurt. apart from the cool factor and one of the explanations why our stream and river systems are so beautiful in their natural irregularity, anglers can use this great little film from… 22 more words

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while some will be drooling

and ooooing and ahing about some comet that doesn’t even have water, fish or mayflies i’ll continue marvelling about the heavens we have right here at our feet.

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Water, Water, Not Everywhere?

For this week’s post, I wanted to focus on a topic that is rarely discussed in detail. My topic is on the resource of water. The motivation to write this topic derives from how a lot of high-income countries do not appreciate the access to clean water. 766 more words


i know that doesn’t mean much but its a nice feeling.

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