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Jeff Schwarz: Loves You at Revision Space

Art pleases, bores, angers, tickles, worries, depresses, intrigues, and haunts me. It piques my curiosity and tricks my senses. But rarely does it shock. By the time I got to art school, the NEA Four had become historical heroes. 751 more words

For The Record

Trip to Europe, forthcoming.

Marseille, France

I’m not sure yet how exactly I want this blog to turn out. I want it to be useful for people like me who are interested in getting more out of travel, but maybe aren’t sure where to start. 147 more words


Islam. . .For me?

Islam. . .Is it right for you?

While in the shower this afternoon, I had a profound thought.

Should I convert to Islam?

Am I happy with my current belief? 615 more words


Death By Magick Number - Fingerprinting Kippo 2014

Here’s a way to fingerprint the latest version of Kippo SSH honeypot, running inside Honeydrive 3.

*note: older detection methods required logging into the kippo server and either running the “file” command for the output, or checking the static uptime values. 322 more words


For the Record - TNR's weekly tabloid

Each Wednesday The News Record publishes a themed tabloid called For the Record.

These issues allow us to break from the traditional reporting you’ll find in our broadsheet newspapers that come out on Mondays and Thursdays. 213 more words

Sisuradion haastattelussa puhun poliittisesta kielenkäytöstä somessa

Sisuradion – Ruotsin radion suomenkielisen kanavan – haastattelussa vältän tekemästä vaalitulosennustuksia. Sanon että vaalit voittaa se puolue, joka onnistuu parhaiten huomioimaan tavallisia ihmisiä puhututtavat teemat, ja muistutan että tällaisia kysymyksiä kyllä löytyisi.

For The Record

eGovLab: Designing the future of e-Governance

I gave a talk on media monitoring at the eGovLab seminar on e-Governance. Slides are here.

For The Record