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pretty in the dark

My house is my sanctuary.  I can say anything or do anything without being judged or criticized. I don’t have to start a sentence by saying “I swear I’m not racist” or make sure my pants are secured before dancing for no reason. 329 more words


Chandelier (Cover) by Sam Tsui

1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink
Throw em back til I lose count

...For Thought.

And in the morning they shook their pillows violently, hoping all the dreams they lost that night would tumble out.

...For Thought.

Why we are buying unnecessary stuff ?

Today I saw interesting video about our stuffs. I am so scared about what we are doing. Please stop buying stuff what you don’t need. First, when you will say “Let’s go buy this!”, say:”Will I really need this?” More in video. :-)

Eyes Wide Open- Gotye

Some people offered up answers.
We made out like we heard, they were only words.
They didn’t add up to a change in the way we were living, 12 more words

...For Thought.