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Where is the war/sacrifice/fight for our privacy?

“You simply need to tell your daughters not to be like Jennifer Lawrence.
Tell them not to be beautiful, because then it’s inevitable that strangers will think of you as nothing but a meat sack. 122 more words

Bodum Spare Glass Carafe for French Press Coffee

A broken beaker shouldn’t put an end to getting great coffee-press coffee, nor should you have to purchase another whole set. This glass replacement beaker is just the thing. 24 more words

Coffee Machines

Raw Amber Teething Necklace Adults Size for Mom Teething Nursing Necklace Certified Genuine Baltic Amber

“THESE ARE PROBABLY THE PRETTIEST ‘TEETHING NECKLACES’ OUT THERE We wore them to a toddler’s birthday party and all of the moms were buzzing over them and asking me where I got them.” If your baby is teething, you’re looking for pain relief, or just beautiful jewelry to wear, then you owe it to yourself and your baby to give our amber necklaces a shot. 217 more words

32 Inch Long Necklace for Women Handcrafted Silver Czech Glass and Crystal Bead

This sophisticated mall store, designer style, long glass bead and crystal necklace is the perfect compliment for your sophisticated wardrobe. It is handcrafted in europe, 32 inches long, and showcases silver iridescent beads and crystals. 29 more words

925 Sterling Silver Ship Anchor Navy Sailor Pendant Necklace for Women w/ Snake Silver Chain 18''

This beautiful anchor necklace would be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. The included black velvet pouch also makes it the perfect gift for someone special. 14 more words

Powershell for total beginners lesson 12 Loops

Let’s do some loop’s, while, for, do until.

The ForEach-Object we already discussed.

The While loop is pretty simple one:

While(<whats in here is true>) 212 more words

PowerShell Beginner Leassons