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Bramble (Blackberry) Butter

I went Bramble (blackberries to the non Scottish readers) picking today – a normal activity for Autumn here in Scotland and one the whole family loves. 242 more words


Serviceberry is a Tasty windbreak

I tire of the same old landscaping everywhere, especially when it won’t tolerate our growing conditions. So often we see ornamental pear trees ravaged by our strong winds. 498 more words


Playing with Bobwhites

I love the sound of bobwhites. I was working outside last spring in a brushy place and their call rang in my ears all day. I couldn’t resist calling back. 530 more words


For Wisteria, Timing is Everything

A while ago I wrote about mayapples. In almost every stage of growth the plant is completely poisonous. Only the ripe fruit is edible. A similar example of that phenomenon is Wisteria, which is blooms in the spring. 562 more words


Late Summer Foraging

This week we had some time free to take long walks, and it was impossible to miss how brimming full of berries the hedgerows are after such a warm, sunny summer. 748 more words


Bunny Heaven

There comes a time when commonsense and meat on the table clash with tree huggers and corporate interests.

I’m sat near a river bank SWARMING with happy little bunnies yet I’m not allowed to snare, trap, shoot, or otherwise dispatch meat that would keep me going for ever and reduce the profits of our local supermarket by a couple of hundred pounds a year. 229 more words


On Domestication: The chains with which we bind ourselves for food

You may notice from the timing of the archives for this blog that things slowed down a little on the foraging front, at least with regard to writing about it. 1,096 more words