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Wild parsnip , Not for the wary forager

This is probably the most difficult post I’ve made regarding wild edibles as I’ve been pondering on the ramifications of this plant as a foragable resource and if the promotion of its foragability alone is an act of irresponsibility in itself or is it more responsible to promote awareness of hazards within foraging , 907 more words



This week I discovered that my £1 cherry pitter works astoundingly well on tiny plums. It seems bleedingly obvious now, of course the pitter doesn’t discriminate, but it was a revelation that made me do a gleeful little dance around my kitchen. 874 more words


Twin mushrooms

The mushroom season continues and the forest is now thick with them thanks to the alternating heatwave and rainstorms. These are two Birch Boletes, one of the two fungi we forage for. 15 more words

On meal plans and daily living...

It’s been a long while since either of us last posted anything and since there have been too many new developments in life to mention in one blog post I thought I’d at least make a post today detailing what new direction we’d like to take the blog in. 659 more words


Just right – a poem about a cooking-pot

When baby bear had left home
and then had had a pot,
it would’ve been, I like to think,
like the silver one I did adopt

from outside someone’s wooden gate
in the back roads of North London. 344 more words

Scientists in UK using bees' waggle dance to map, evaluate eco-system

Scientists in the United Kingdom are using the waggle dance of honeybees map and evaluate the richness of a 36-square mile eco-system.

Using bees in an observation hive, the scientists observed bees doing their waggle dance — the way in which they tell other bees where to forage for pollen and nectar. 135 more words


Now gathering in N.B.

Lots of folks are getting outside and picking wild low bush blueberries right now, it is the most popular gathered wild food in much of New Brunswick. 106 more words