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Deficiency judgments: Why you may still owe the bank even after foreclosure

There are some states that do not allow lenders to pursue deficiencies – the difference in the amount owed on the mortgage(s) and the price paid by the purchaser at foreclosure. 370 more words


The ejectment (eviction) lawsuit, demystified

It’s probably safe to say that no one likes to be sued. Fortunately, most people go their entire lifetime without having to experience this.  But for people who have faced foreclosure, even… 631 more words


Why the Dept. of Justice Should Require BOA to Report Homeowner Data as Part of Settlement

Various media reports suggest that Bank of America and the US Justice Department are in discussions for a deal over soured mortgage backed securities, and the figure of $5 billion in homeowner relief has  been cited as part of the deal. 1,748 more words

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Improper Mortgage Securitization Stops Foreclosure


Abigail Field

On March 30, an Alabama judge issued a short, conclusory order that stopped foreclosure on the home of a beleaguered family, and also prevents the same bank in the case from trying to foreclose against that couple, ever again. 1,613 more words


Mortgagee's Foreclosure Suit Barred By Limitations Because Acceleration Was Not Abandoned

In a foreclosure suit, a federal district court in Texas recently held that the bank’s acceleration had not been abandoned, and therefore, the bank’s attempt to enforce its mortgage lien more than four years after acceleration was barred by limitations. 534 more words