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Do You Really Need a Foreclosure Attorney?

Being faced with a foreclosure can be emotionally distressing to anyone. What you have worked hard for and spent a lot on is now being taken away from you, thus, leaving you homeless. 582 more words

Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

Foreclosure Defense: Keeping The Banks Honest

Many who are unfamiliar with foreclosure defense might be wondering, why should attorneys defend those facing foreclosure. After all, in the vast majority of foreclosure cases (over 99%) the client really did fall behind on mortgage payments and is responsible for that debt. 429 more words

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Pretty much anyone would agree that foreclosure isn’t exactly a good thing. That doesn’t mean that nothing good comes from it however. According to research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the foreclosure crisis may have unintentionally served to help many Americans pay off much of their debt. 339 more words

“Legalized” Burglary

When you’re a pizza delivery person, getting the wrong house might be a little embarrassing, though not a big deal. But when you’re in the business of repossessing foreclosed properties, it’s pretty important you get the right house. 386 more words