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A Potential Foreclosure Crisis Looms Over America

Web of Debt blog / By Ellen Brown

Local governments, however, could resort to tactics such as

eminent domain if the federal government won’t do anything. 1,539 more words


Poliidiots of the Month: HSBC -to pay settlement for defrauding taxpayers through foreclosure processing

This HSBC defrauding taxpayers is just another reason why we cant trust corporations and why anyone in support of them needs to wake up!

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When Life Gives You Lemons...

Pretty much anyone would agree that foreclosure isn’t exactly a good thing. That doesn’t mean that nothing good comes from it however. According to research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the foreclosure crisis may have unintentionally served to help many Americans pay off much of their debt. 339 more words

WASHINGTON POST: Evictions for Black Women as bad as Prison for Black Men


Matthew Desmond is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Studies at Harvard.

Patrice is, in many ways, typical. A low-income woman, she’s struggling to find affordable housing in Milwaukee. 818 more words

Black Chicago

What it means to have renters in the suburbs

In the wake of the Great Recession and mortgage foreclosure crisis, the rate of home ownership has declined and renting is on the rise, particularly among those under the age of 35. 1,016 more words

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How Homeowners Can Use Available Options to Save their Homes

Each state has its own foreclosure laws covering the notices the lender must post publicly and/or with the homeowner, the homeowner’s options for bringing the loan current and avoiding foreclosure, and the process for selling the property. 2,663 more words

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How Homeowners in Foreclosure Proceeding Can Effectively Rebuild their Credits After Short Sale

Homeowners in recent foreclosure proceeding who wish to move on with their lives needs to start by rebuilding their credit worthiness.

Have you experienced a short sale? 1,080 more words

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