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Learn How To Do Pavel Datsyuk's GO TO Move

Watch Datsyuk’s full shootout compilation here:

Datsyuk is 58.3% (14 for 24) when using this move (as of 2013).

The goalies know it’s coming, but how does Datsyuk keep scoring!? 8 more words


Federer Forehand and Diverse Stances

Federer is a master of the Forehand, in this exhaustive video, his stance of choice is semi-open 90% of the time, almost all of the high balls between his abdominal and shoulder are hit semi-open. 314 more words


The modern forehand

The modern forehand. The windshield wiper forehand. Call it what you like. It’s the evolution of the classic forehand technique. Ever wondered why the pros can hit so hard without the ball going to the fences? 57 more words


Advanced Forehand Technique

Ok so, maybe you know how to hit a basic forehand. Check the following tips that will certainly help you bringing it to the next level. 38 more words

Tips And Tricks

The approach shot

In order to move from a groundstroke rally to the net you have to hit a good approach shot. That’s the transitional game. Watch it, learn it, make it your weapon. 21 more words



Lets watch the fundamentals on the volley. First the forehand volley and then the backhand volley. Always with the help of Will Hamilton who made an excellent work… 36 more words


The forehand

The following videos guide you step by step on how to hit a forehand

step1: Pivot and shoulder turn 32 more words