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A kiss on the forehead is such a simple gesture, yet it gives the person a comforting feeling.

Random Thoughts

This guy can pour a beer with his forehead

I don’t think they teach this in bar tending school, but hey, works for me!  Of course, you could probably do this with a can of anything.  Try it yourself!


Odd Toys; Facial Strap ons

I want one of these. A dildo gag. I’d leave for My Faggot to fuck me with one. However, there’s some weird versions out there. 76 more words



The thought of possibly losing you just a few hours ago has sent me chills. It has been sending me this crippling sensation in the chest and worry lines in my forehead. 50 more words

Q&A: Pressure in the Forehead after meditating

Q: I just started meditating. I keep getting a pressure sensation in the middle of my forehead when I’m done. What does that mean?

A: There are several small things that could be contributing to it. 675 more words



Gerald was a very young man when he committed murder. The state executed him for taking life.
The spirit vibration on his forehead is a scene of him kneeling down with a dead woman in his arms. 92 more words

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