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US signed Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Poland

The US Treasury Department has posted the official text of the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) that the United States signed with Poland on 7 October 2014 for implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). 30 more words


IRS Warns Financial Institutions of Scams Designed to Identify Theft Attempts

The Internal Revenue Service has said that it does not require financial institutions to provide specific account holder identity information or financial account information over the phone or by fax or email. 141 more words


US-Brazil: Intergovernmental agreement (IGA) has been signed

Brazil and the United States signed an IGA (intergovernmental agreement) on 23 September 2014 in order to apply FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). The new IGA was focused on the FATCA requirements intended to identify the financial activities of U.S. 18 more words


Hiding Profits From the Tax Man

On July 14, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act became effective, and instantly virtually all foreign banks were required to keep track of, and report on, all assets held by U.S. 1,099 more words

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What do trustees need to know about FATCA?

First off, what is FATCA?  FATCA is an acronym that stands for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.  This is an American initiative, with global reach, that places on-going obligations on non-US financial institutions to verify and review accounts to establish whether the account is held or ultimately controlled by a US person. 429 more words


It’s Not Beware, Rather Be Aware – Having tax ties to the U.S.

Having tax ties to the U. S. does not mean beware, rather be aware of the additional considerations and act accordingly.

As part of our August 6, 2014 Wealth Matters webcast, we heard from, Michelle Connolly, Vice-President, Wealth Planning at CI Investments, Inc., and Titus Ebenezer, Regional Vice-President, Wealth Planning at United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP, highlighted recent immigration and information-sharing changes that impact Canadians spending time in the U.S., and the various tax and information reporting obligations of U.S. 738 more words

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US Jacks Up Exit Fee For Those Renouncing Citizenship

US Jacks Up Exit Fee For Those Renouncing CitizenshipCanada Free Press ^ | 08/31/14 | Alan JoelPosted on 8/31/2014, 10:02:02 AM by Sean_Anthony

Current administration would rather squeeze U.S. 238 more words

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