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The Scandal of Corruption in Development Aid

For all the effort development agencies invest to help developing states combat corruption, recent reports of corruption in Japanese and Norwegian development aid projects along with an earlier paper on corruption in World Bank projects remind that the development community does little to attack corruption in the one area where it has the most control: the projects it funds.


Mark Caserta: Foreign aid must be cut to bolster US stability

Dec. 05, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

The United States simply cannot sustain current levels of assistance to other countries.

According to the Treasury Department, our projected deficit for Fiscal Year 2014 is about $744 billion and our national debt is around $17 trillion, or about $52,807 per person. 486 more words



A few months ago, I talked with a government official about the fatherhood empowerment non-profit I launched in Africa. The “wow” feeling was all I got. 902 more words


The Problem with Foreign Aid: The Trend of “Forgetting”

Written by Nicholle Lamartina ~

“There has been a system set in place that allows “developers” to commit these human rights violations without anyone knowing. In the end the only people that really remember the consequences of these events are the victims, and everyone else continues on their merry way, as if it had never happened.” 

Nicholle Lamartina

Will the World Bank's latest mega expansion cause mega damage?

(April 14, 2014) A pledge by the World Bank’s new President Jim Yong Kim to increase spending will produce the same bad results that have plagued the Bank for decades.

Odious Debts

Canada cuts aid as other nations push assistance to all-time high

Canada’s foreign aid dropped more last year than almost any major donor country.

Only Portugal, whose economy has been through the ringer and just emerged from recession last year, gave a smaller percentage of its Gross National Income (GNI). 496 more words


Why Don't We Spend More Money at Home? Breaking Down False Notions About U.S. Foreign Aid

Whenever I go to the Hill to advocate for continued and, more importantly, increased funding for foreign aid I always hear from staffers that their constituents perpetually call their congressperson’s or senator’s office telling them to stop spending money in other countries and use that money at home. 446 more words