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7,256 Fewer Child Deaths Each Day

If you don’t think that foreign aid and development work work, check this out: 7,256 fewer children die every day thanks to the success of programs in developing countries combating infant death from diarrhea, malnutrition, pneumonia, AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. 132 more words


Israel: Is It Agression Or Self-Defense?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

Yep, when you are not beat about the head by reports from Ukraine then there are the numerous reports coming out of Gaza and Israel latest offense to chop off the head of Hamas…..first of all both of these areas are a massive PR campaign by the media.  474 more words

International Situations

New study: self-control more likely to lead to happiness than indulgence

From the liberal New York magazine of all places.


It’s tempting to pity the people who go to bed early, who are very careful with their money, who eat kale.

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International cooperation: A case of legality not humility of the developed world


In the background of Globalization, Economies have merged, countries are interdependent and world is a market for one and all states. Revenue, profit, market share, growth, wealth and development are some of the individual goals that all countries aim to achieve through their operations in the global market but the very notion of dominance of the rich holds true in international community. 2,161 more words

Good Money After Bad?

Think back a year or more ago…..Syria had just used CWs on its population and the Neo-cons went bat crap crazy……..they demanded that the US do something……none were really too clear on what….but something must be done! 524 more words

International Situations

Doing the right thing, the wrong way

Each life is a canvas. In the beginning we are simply a blank canvas, simply a object budding for experiences. As we grow older, we begin to add colour and imagery, constantly replacing the old with the new. 304 more words