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Millions Promised for Ebola Not Adding Up - Abby Haglage 11.25.14

Of the countries that promised money to fight Ebola, little has been delivered: 7 percent of China’s $122 million pledge, 17 percent of the $265 million promised by the EU, and 43 percent of the United States’ $572 million. 329 more words


Auditor General: Canada’s humanitarian aid not always ‘timely’

Canada’s humanitarian response to international disasters – from droughts and hurricanes to refugee crises – has drawn mixed marks from the federal auditor general.

In his report released Tuesday, Michael Ferguson found that the foreign affairs department generally considers the “needs of affected populations” when it develops humanitarian projects to assist in times of crisis. 494 more words


Development and Poverty

Michael Hobbes has a lengthy and absorbing article in The New Republic on international development and poverty alleviation. He laments “big ideas” which, after having succeeded in one place, attract funding, and ultimately fail to deliver on their promises as they are applied to diverse locales. 519 more words

International Aid & The International Development Bill

Hi Everyone, and Welcome to Blog Number Five!

In light of my recent training day with Oxfam I will begin to focus many of my blogs on the campaigns which Oxfam will be involved in this upcoming year.   732 more words

Harper government accused of fattening budget surplus as $125M in foreign aid not spent

OTTAWA — Almost 14% of the money that Canada’s newly amalgamated Foreign Affairs Department planned to spend alleviating poverty in poor countries in the last year has been returned, unspent, to the Finance Department. 601 more words


Pork Barrel Politics: Finding Infrastructure Funding in Foreign Aid

I thought about starting this piece out with a grotesque, gut-wrenching anecdote involving some sort of emotionally disturbing yet realistic account of an Israeli attack on one of the Palestinian settlements. 2,047 more words

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Stop Trying to Save the World: Big Ideas are Destroying International Development

A close friend just yesterday forwarded an Article to me by Michael Hobbes critiquing international development efforts. I found it very thought provoking — and it is comforting to see someone put into readable words and logic much of what I myself have felt for decades now. 247 more words

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