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Wealthy American to Spend 2 million dollars on Political Cleanliness

An Anonymous American is going to spend up to 2 million dollars to support American Citizens who wish to run for public office. 

The move has rankled some, because the criteria for receiving grants is that you can not have any foreign ties, or dual citizenship as many of our current Senators have Dual American Israeli passports. 44 more words

If I Move Out of the Country, Do I Still Pay U.S. Income Tax?

If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, the U.S. income tax requirements are generally the same as if you lived in the United States. All gross income, whether made in the United States or abroad is subject to U.S. 178 more words

Individual Income Tax

How to Profit off Foreclosures....in 2008

She was only with us all that one day, because she was then woken that night at 4am, put through all of the shackles bullshit, and rushed onto a plane, to be deported to India that night. 76 more words