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Pepe Escobar Explains Ukrainian Economics in 1 Minute

Kiev’s foreign reserves plunged last month by a whopping 23.2 per cent to a paltry $12.6 billion.

By the end of the year it will be even messier. 116 more words


Day 319: November 15

I am currently in Cancun and have been since the 14th so it is only fitting that I share with you today a Mexican peso in it’s “natural habitat” of the beach/la playa!


Day 318: November 14

Ever since I visited Israel in May, I haven’t rid my wallet of all the shekels. I still have a 5 shekel coin that keeps popping up when I’m looking for quarters.


Day 317: November 13

Take a look at a variety of coins from around the world (not all are in circulation today). These are some of the coins Kevin and I purchased at the coin store outside Philadelphia. 20 more words


Forex Loans Spotlight Shifts To Poland

By Jan Cienski in Warsaw

The Hungarian government’s move to put an end to its long-running problems with loans denominated in foreign currency is shifting the forex spotlight to Poland, which now become the region’s leading holder of the dubious financial products. 435 more words

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Day 316: November 12

This is a neat little coin. It’s a 1942 French Franc. Let’s dig a little deeper with this one because it’s not too dissimilar to our 1941 Italian Lira from a couple days ago… 169 more words


Day 315: November 11

When Kevin and I were going through the box of foreign coins, I was drawn to these coins from The Bahamas. I like that they are scalloped, making them mostly unique (we actually found another sort of scalloped coin that looks like it could be a shekel, but one can’t be too sure). 54 more words

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