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The Cut - 2014

Fatih Akin’s latest picture is an emotional adventure epic that is both striking and deeply riveting. “The Cut”, Akin’s sixth major picture and follow up to his most famous work “Soul Kitchen”, tells the story of one man’s determination and love for family when faced with some of life’s greatest hardships. 499 more words

2014 Aug - Dec

58th BFI London Film Festival: The World of Kanako Review

Why is everyone so obsessed with Kanako? Where she is. Why she is. How she is. What she is. Kanako. Kanako. Ka-na… 525 more words



Foreign films are being ruined by whoever is in charge of the subtitles.

I like subtitled films because they combine two of the things I like doing most, reading and watching movies. 183 more words


Spirited Away: Review

Foreign films have always been an area of contention for me because critics are constantly saying “If you haven’t experienced world cinema, then you haven’t experienced cinema” and I’m sorry but just because I prefer films where my eyes aren’t glued to the bottom quarter of the screen to read badly translated subtitles, it does not make me a bad person.However in the interest of curiosity I decided to watch Spirited Away (the english dub because if I’d wanted to read this evening I’d have read A Song of Ice and Fire). 307 more words


58th BFI London Film Festival: A Hard Day Review

A Hard Day is an action- packed movie by Kim Seong- hun, which puts protagonist detective Go Geon- soo (Lee Sun-Kyun) in a tricky situation from the very first scene. 615 more words


58th BFI London Film Festival: Silvered Water, Syria Self Portrait Review

“This is the film made of 1001 images shot by 1001 Syrian men and women and I”- Ossama Mohammed

Silvered Water, Syria Self Portrait… 514 more words


Foreign Language Only Month: Week 4 Recap

Today, another migraine was upon me. Instead of blaming everything I ate last weekend, I’m going to blame French subtitles.

One fun experience I had planned for this month was to watch an American-made movie dubbed in French. 628 more words

Foreign Language Only Month