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Dangerous Liaisons

Synopsis: The game of conquest is underway. Anything goes when a predatory, wealthy widow (Glenn Close) challenges a notorious rake (John Malkovich) to seduce a beautiful young newlywed (Michelle Pfeifer). 2,206 more words



Synopsis: While painting a group portrait of the Amsterdam Musketeer Militia, the renowned Dutch artist Rembrandt (Martin Freeman) discovers a murder plot involving, Rembrandt build his accusation in the form of his painting – “The Night Watch” – a decision which coasts him everything. 870 more words


Japanese Animation Spotlight Series

Japanese animation, for the better part of two decades, has become a prominent feature in western society thanks especially to the works of Studio Ghibli, and in particular Hayao Miyazaki. 146 more words


The Kindergarten Teacher

Caught this film at the recent Israel Film Festival – decided to give myself a break given that I’ve missed so many movies I would have liked to catch this year!  277 more words


Klimt (Producer's cut)

Synopsis: Gustav Klimt lived his life like he painted it – full of intensity, sensuality and passion. In this biographical fantasy by acclaimed director Raul Ruiz (Time Regained), Klimt (John Malkovich) recalls the decadence of his past in feverish visions from his deathbed. 702 more words


The Raid 2 Is The Best Action Movie Ever Made

Let me preface this post by saying that I am aware of the existence of Die Hard, also an action masterpiece. I can quote the movie word-for-word (Oh, and the quarterback IS toast) and I watch the film every Christmas morning. 1,322 more words

On aura tout vu

Synopsis: A professional still photographer (Pierre Richard) has long wanted to make a movie from a story about love and politics. When the opportunity arises, he and his lady-love (Miou-Miou) are overjoyed. 867 more words