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Tips for Coping with a Language Barrier

Ok, so I’m really loving life in Poland, but I’d definitely be fibbing if I said it was easy in terms of the fact that are languages are basically from different planets. 501 more words


Lost in translation

My relationship with Turkish language in the last couple of months went to the “it’s complicated” kind of state. Or to the “animal” phase if you please – when you understand, but can’t talk. 636 more words


10 Things to Do This Year

It’s hard to believe we are almost into the second month of 2015. Truly, where does the time go? New Year’s Resolutions are rarely kept these days, but what about 10 things to do… 621 more words


Don't Get Lost In Translation

There are a lot of different apps out there right now for both apple and android smart phones that promise to make your life as a traveller a bit easier. 182 more words



But do you know how to say hello in any other languages? Or were you translating for me in case I didn’t know “hola” means hello in Spanish?

Online Dating

명심 해야 할 속담

So I have a job and, aside from that, I have a million other hobbies.

Korean and Japanese are my more serious hobbies (I’ll be taking TOPIK for the first time this year!)  I’m pretty bad at sitting down and studying everyday but my everyday life is inundated with those languages.   526 more words


Bonjour à mes amis français

Ce mois, j’ai passé du temps à Paris pour decouvrir la cité de la lumière et d’amour, pour goûter la cuisine française et pour apprendre le français. 174 more words

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