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Bilingual Dictionary

Bilingual Dictionary

Old friend, its brittle pages drift, like Dante,
through the purgatories of language,
or like Beatrice, who, from her cloud of love,
opens the gate of paradise, … 167 more words

Sharing my language

“Hi, you’re from Peace Corps, right? Can I talk to you for a few?” an older professor asks.

“Sure!” I reply.

“I attended a lunch at the embassy once. 514 more words

Peace Corps

Gotthold Ephraim Lessings Die Geschichte des alten Wolfs

XVI. Die Geschichte des alten Wolfs,

in sieben Fabeln

Aelianus libr. IV. cap. 15.


Der böse Wolf war zu Jahren gekommen, und faßte den gleißenden Entschluß, mit den Schäfern auf einem gütlichen Fuß zu leben. 1,066 more words

For A Better Brain, Learn Another Language

I highly recommend this article, by Cody Delistraty. It’s a very interesting read, along with his other essays on his blog, which you can find here: … 19 more words

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Language for the masses? Wunderbar

It’s been a busy couple of months. Work’s picked up as the 2014 election looms, I spent a fantastic week in England with my now-boyfriend, and I’ve gotten to spend time with friends in D.C. 451 more words


The Hunt

The world is full of evil but if we hold on to each other, it goes away.

Year Released : 2012
Director : Thomas Vinterberg… 1,204 more words


Increase Modern Language Learning Time: Move beyond Translation

Translation. Teachers may spend class time in having students “learn” vocabulary by doing translation activities such as saying flashcards in pairs, running up to the board to write the modern language word for the said English word, playing flyswatter to say the modern language word for an English word card before the other students in their group, etc. 414 more words

Modern Language