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Iran Selects 'Today' for Foreign Language Oscar Consideration

HONG KONG — Iran has returned to the foreign-language Academy Award race with the selection of Reza Mirkarimi’s “Today” (Emrooz) as its contender.

The picture is the story of a Tehran taxi driver who becomes the protector of a pregnant woman after he rushes her to hospital. 116 more words


Musical Turtle

1. Went to Hebrew School.

2. Played Musical Turtle.

3. Practiced writing in Hebrew.

4. TenMarks Assignment Summary: Recognize Time
Great Job, Nessa!
You got 87.5% correct!


#dayword Блин


So we don’t talk about food (pancakes).

Let’s talk about the word “блин” which is very useful in Russian speeking, not writing language. Russians… 72 more words


Analyzing a modern language test

There are numerous ways to analyze a modern language test.

1. Identify what different “skills” are being tested such as  speaking, listening, reading, writing, culture, vocabulary and grammar.   740 more words

Modern Language

The BigGuy leveled up today

In French, that is.  We’ve been using Rosetta Stone and I honestly don’t know how long he’s actually been at it.  We’ve put it down in spurts.   462 more words

我在学中文。 I’m learning Chinese.


I wrote that title, without the help of an online translator or a Chinese person, and it feels so good! I started the learn Chinese when I first arrived in China back in January, however my learning was completely based around pinyin (Chinese language using the roman alphabet) and although this has been good to learn how to pronounce words and learn the different sounds, it still doesn’t help when it comes to reading and writing. 383 more words


4 Ways Speaking a Foreign Language Can Help You Find Your Next Job

by Liz Rothaus Bertrand

When the Chamber of Commerce describes Charlotte as an “international city,” it’s not kidding. With 951 foreign-owned firms in the Charlotte area and more than 68,000 people working for them, it’s clear that international companies mean big business to the local economy.¹ 707 more words

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