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Chinese For Children | Kids Pick Up Quick On Foreign Languages

Learning a language is easiest as a child! The fact is known by (almost) everyone. As a matter of fact, many adults use this statement as an excuse to not learn another language. 368 more words

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Learning a Language at 40 - One Year On

Since I received nice comments from you about the previous post “Learning a Language at 40″, I thought it’d be nice to reflect on it now. 376 more words

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Of the many ways to enjoy studying a foreign language

One of the great things about studying a foreign language is there are so many different ways to study it apart from boring textbook work. Whether it’s striking up a conversation with your waiter in a foreign language, making a penpal from a country of interest, or attempting to read a magazine in a foreign language, you’ll never run out of ways to increase your knowledge and, if you have the right attitude, enjoy yourself immensely. 164 more words


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This article is 100% true. I love the languageontrack.com website. I find it extremely helpful as a motivating website that helps you keep track of goals. This is especially helpful for when all your goals can seem overwhelming..

Communicative or Grammar Textbook Focus: Look at the Grammar

A test of a modern language textbook’s communicative ability is to look at what the book has students do with the grammar after the textbook presentation of the grammar point. 409 more words

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The First Week of School

I consider myself a realist. In most situations I notice both the good and the bad, and I don’t get overly excited by the good or depressed because of the bad. 484 more words


C# Project 1 #1

So. I read a while ago, the first game you make will not be the game you actually wanted to make. It couldn’t be more true. 204 more words



Thick, milky blue sky. Dusk.
The headlights of one single vehicle yields to a tomato on a stick. It then turns right slowly.
The train speeds eastward to Paris and my ears catch accents from northern England and Scotland amidst a myriad of French ones. 360 more words

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