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Koreas to meet this week for joint dictionary project

“The South Korean government has allowed the country’s lexicographers to meet with their North Korean colleagues in China this week for a project to publish a joint dictionary of their language, officials here said Monday. 75 more words

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Language made obligatory for senior British officers

“The British army may have fewer troops stationed abroad than at any point in the last century, but new plans aim to fashion a more internationally engaged and culturally aware officer corps by making language skills obligatory for senior ranks. 86 more words

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Congres acadien mondial 2014


Tenir le CMA 2014 dans la région de l’Acadie des terres et forêts en s’appuyant sur un engagement et une collaboration énergiques de la communauté et de ses partenaires pour ainsi susciter une participation active des Acadiens et des Acadiennes de par le monde qui se rendront sur place ou qui se joindront aux activités par le truchement des moyens de communication modernes… 49 more words

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Franco-American fun to welcome all to World Acadian Congress

“The World Acadian Congress is set to bloom with the theme “Acadia of the World. A New Acadia!” Aug. 8-24 all over northern Maine, Quebec and parts of New Brunswick.” 16 more words

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Weekend getaways: Montreal delivers an authentic French escape

“Francophiles already know this, but Montreal is the closest place to trip the French fantastic.

A straight shot on 87 North through Albany, it takes six hours from Newark to reach the largest city in the province of Quebec. 92 more words

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GCSE enough to take degree in languages

“UNIVERSITIES struggling to fill foreign-language degree courses are taking sixth formers who have not studied the language beyond GCSE.

Some are even considering recruiting sixth formers who may have never taken a language exam but were brought up abroad or can speak a foreign language because of their family background. 48 more words

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Avignon shows hit as France questions performers' pay

“The “intermittents” are back!

If you do not understand what that means, then you cannot have spent much time in France.

The “intermittents” – or more precisely “les intermittents du spectacle” – are a peculiarly Gallic species. 124 more words

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