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Xi Meets Modi: A Historic Opportunity for Sino-Indian Leadership

Published as 郑嘉宾, ‘中印面临一个历史性机遇’, 环球网, 19 September 2014.

当前,印中两国被视为全球经济增长的关键推动者,也是改革以西方为中心国际秩序的不可缺少的力量。现阶段,两国经济关系的最大问题是经贸不平衡。印度继续承受逆差, 这也影响着两国经济合作。解决这个问题或者把经贸差额保持在一定程度,要用一个简单的经济逻辑来处理。为了避免经济过热,中国必须把呆在银行的巨额资本拿到境外来投资。毫无疑问,鉴于经济的规模,印度就是中国投资的最佳场所。当然,中国也可以投资于美国或欧洲国债或者到世界上任何一个地方,但在印度投资一定会收获更多。 1,215 more words

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Obama Names Indian-American Richard Verma as New U.S. Ambassador to India

Richard Verma was announced as the new U.S. ambassador to India on Thursday, according to a statement from the White House.

Verma, a former State Department official, will be the… 174 more words

Pentagon: "If we like our war plan, can we keep it?"

Truly, is anyone surprised that President Obama’s battle plan roll-out makes the many glitches with his Affordable Care Act look trivial in comparison?  Perhaps, the top brass need to start asking the White House, “if we like… 81 more words


Fear of Ebola Drives Mob to Kill Officials in Guinea by RUKMINI CALLIMACHI


Eight people were killed near a remote village in Guinea after a rock-hurling mob attacked them, claiming they had come to spread the Ebola virus. 12 more words

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Online Renegade, Wanted in U.S., Shakes Up New Zealand Election by JONATHAN HUTCHISON


The Internet Party, founded by Kim Dotcom, the entrepreneur behind the Megaupload file-sharing site, has a chance of winning a place in New Zealand’s Parliament. 12 more words

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‘Happy in Tehran’ Dancers Are Given Suspended Sentences by THOMAS ERDBRINK and RICK GLADSTONE


Though the punishments — lashings and six-month prison terms — were suspended, they could be carried out if any of the six defendants commit further actions deemed illegal in Iran. 12 more words

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Made in the USA - By Mexicans

My wife and I are building a new home.  We are doing some of the work ourselves but the majority of the work is done by subcontractors, mostly hired through our general contractor.  757 more words

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