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After two days of instruction I can (with all the confidence of a scared puppy) tell you my name, whether or not I am cold, and inquire as to whether you understand me or not, all in Chinese. 475 more words

Foreign Service Life

My Top 10 List of the Merits of Growing Up Global

I was messaging with one of my dearest friends the other night, an American woman who lives in Costa Rica, and she asked if I’d ever written a blog about the advantages of growing up global. 1,617 more words

Foreign Service Life

Starting on the thick of it

Once again, no time no blog. State is busy and the life you find at State keeps you busy! Luckily, that gives me a lot to talk about. 516 more words

Foreign Service Life

Adventures in Babysitting

I know, I know you aren’t supposed to call it babysitting when it’s your own baby.  But it made me think of the movie and I loved that movie.   806 more words

Foreign Service

The Space Between AKA Crap, I'm Bored

The last few months have been chaotic, stressful, fun, and full of change. I’ve been so busy that it was all I could do to just squeeze everything in, and sometimes I didn’t. 563 more words

Foreign Service Life

Cracking the Code

I’m doing my best to learn Vietnamese. I had to drop out of classes before we came here because I had way too much going on with the kids and a few medical things to resolve. 234 more words


One of the great things about the expat life, is you get to reinvent yourself every time you move. And by great, I mean necessary, for me at least. 744 more words

Foreign Service Life