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The Space Between AKA Crap, I'm Bored

The last few months have been chaotic, stressful, fun, and full of change. I’ve been so busy that it was all I could do to just squeeze everything in, and sometimes I didn’t. 563 more words

Foreign Service Life

Cracking the Code

I’m doing my best to learn Vietnamese. I had to drop out of classes before we came here because I had way too much going on with the kids and a few medical things to resolve. 234 more words


One of the great things about the expat life, is you get to reinvent yourself every time you move. And by great, I mean necessary, for me at least. 744 more words

Foreign Service Life

The big day, and what happens now

I have to tell you, Flag Day was not easy. It didn’t help that I hadn’t slept much in the previous two nights. It didn’t help that the thermostat was set to about 105º in that room. 604 more words

Foreign Service Life

And the winner is

UPDATE: You can read my flag day story here!



More on Flag Day to come, but for now it’s time to celebrate!

Foreign Service Life

The final countdown

26.5 hours till Flag Day. Not that I’m counting or anything…

My mom and dad are en route, and my aunt and some friends are getting in tonight. 320 more words

Foreign Service Life

Christmas in July!

Hooray – our consumables shipment arrived last week.  It truly felt like Christmas to open the boxes and find the items I had purchased back in April.   506 more words