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The shortest day of the year

The shortest day of the year is coming up! It’s a good thing because it only gets better after that. Sadly, I won’t be in Moscow for the most misserably short day of the year. 251 more words

Foreign Service Life

It's Christmas!

Yes, Christmas comes early to Moscow, too! And you can’t pretend otherwise. GUM (literally “main department store”) was built during tsarist-times.  In the Soviet Union, GUM was the main gallery for all the products socialism built.   168 more words

Foreign Service Life

Danilovsky Rynok (Market) is sweet!

When we thought everything was lost and we would have to survive on Iranian cucumbers (the size of tiny pickles) and Serbian pears, we found this amazing market! 177 more words

Foreign Service Life

First snow in Moscow!

Not too bad; yesterday was December 10th. I can take snow during December, January, and February. Anytime before or after that is too depressing.

Also with the snow comes a little bit of nasty slushy snow/mud/corrosive … mix! 93 more words

Foreign Service Life

Grocery shopping. It gets crowded...

Obviously, one of the first things we needed to do when we got here was to buy food. People kindly offered to take us to two different stores during our first couple of weeks here. 407 more words

Foreign Service Life

One month!

We arrived here just a month ago! It feels like we have been here a lot longer. When we arrived the weather was cold, but temperatures were above freezing. 151 more words

Foreign Service Life

Thanksgiving in Lima, Gringo-style

Diplomonkey’s first Thanksgiving Day in Lima sees the return of Pandora’s box. No foolish mortals, we are not discussing mythology today but rather talking about grilling Gringo-style. 278 more words

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