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Bit by bit

好久不见, everybody. The last month and a half has been about as eventful as a period of utter non-events can be. That’s a great way to sum up language training, actually: much ado about nothing. 698 more words

Foreign Service Life

We are moving to...

Like I said before, I haven’t got better at predicting my future, but the fact that my husband already spoke Russian made any Russian speaking country a lot more likely than anything else. 327 more words

Foreign Service Life

I Made a Pretty! And I Really Needed to do That.

I’ve been living the perfect storm of “how best to frustrate and paralyze Heather” lately. Since we left Costa Rica, we have been dealing with some pretty jaw dropping monetary charges from our landlord, he gave the bill to the embassy and they, in turn, kindly handed a large portion of it to us. 791 more words

Foreign Service Life

The Poetic Nomad: a Flash of Light, a Gift from My Daughter

I understand that wishes will not always come true

I say that if you believe in it, it will happen

I dream of lifting my roots, walking away from the damp soil that keeps me down…

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Foreign Service Life

One down, ten to go

As of tomorrow, those of us who started FSI language programs on September 2nd will have completed a semester’s worth of learning! For us Chinese-from-scratch students, that means only ten more “semesters” to go! 488 more words

Foreign Service Life


After two days of instruction I can (with all the confidence of a scared puppy) tell you my name, whether or not I am cold, and inquire as to whether you understand me or not, all in Chinese. 475 more words

Foreign Service Life