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Leaving on a jet plane

This has been in my head all day.

Great movie, great scene. Anyway, no romantic goodbye with JR today because he’s on a beach in Thailand, no doubt missing me greatly. 128 more words

Mardi Gras, TLD, and a surprise shower!

This past weekend was our last weekend together before JR heads off to training for work and I go back to Ohio for maternity leave. Mostly I appreciate that time is moving forward, but I’m not excited about being apart for so long, so I wanted to really enjoy our time together. 501 more words

The Tortoise and the Hare, Kind of.

This past Sunday my husband, Eric, and I ran our first race, a charity 7k to help Costa Rican police officers buy school supplies for their children. 1,442 more words

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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

After looking in one of our drawers the other day, we realized that we are collecting money. It’s not that we have a lot of money to spend, it’s just that we’ve been visiting countries with different currencies and we either take out too much while we are there, or forget to exchange it back to Euros before leaving.   342 more words

A Letter to Our Nomadic Children: 10 Things I Hope We're Teaching You

Our time in Costa Rica is coming to a close and we’re headed for Honduras this Summer, which means, according to the map below, we’re moving from the country that does happiness the best to the country that rocks homicides. 1,887 more words

Foreign Service Blogs