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6 Things That Baffle Us Non-Americans

Every society has their own way of doing things. When you belong to that society you might regard these ideas as normal. It’s usually the outsiders who notice the idiosyncracies of another place. 245 more words


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“Well, chew tamedy,” says Bob. “Chew freakin’ tamedy.” He stands outside the gates to his school and, up the short road into the village, across the bridge to the other campus, down the access road to the highway, sees no one. 281 more words


Become A World Changer

As I sit here watching the steam rise from my coffee I cannot help but reflect on my travels, the people I have met, the stories I… 314 more words


The Foreigner

Photo by : Fariha Rizvi ( My sister – Thank you )

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
Robert Louis Stevenson,

Thought Of The Day !

Warming Up Slowly to Seoul

It’s Day One in Korea.
I don’t feel like I’m suffering culture shock, so much as not-as-confident-as-I-thought shock. I just assumed that after having traveled around Asia a bit I’d totally be able to handle Korea. 991 more words

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They’d stood for a moment outside a small shop. He remembered that. He remembered deciding that the day was over. He remembered how he’d set out to make sure it would be. 53 more words


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“Jeez, you know what—can you stop following me?” Bob says.

She looks at him with—he doesn’t know what—disdain? He can’t tell. Doesn’t like it. In any case now he is following her. 116 more words