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“What am I supposed to do with it anyway?” He lowers himself into a small seat and finds his legs are shaking. Sitting down releases a collection of aches and spasms. 442 more words


Teaching thus far... | 1st Term

we have arrived at the end of term 1.
despite the rocky start, i give the term a thumbs up overall.

i had a pretty easy schedule compared to the other teachers because i am new and they probably know better than to throw me in with the sharks before i can swim. 443 more words



Once again I realize that I have been looking at things through the eyes and heart of someone from a different culture. It seems to be something that I cannot un-learn. 779 more words

Accidental Shoplifting in Spain – Stories From The Road

Using dirty words in Spanish that I didn’t understand, the small, middle aged Spanish lady tried to yank my groceries out of my hand.

For two months in August/September of 2013, I lived in Granada, Spain. 542 more words


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“No-no,” says Bob. Mary was about to step out of the room. “Don’t, um… don’t leave.” She sighs and stays. Rolls her eyes.

“Okay well,” he says. 483 more words