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Makeshift Moscow

Moscow seems to offer a highway to the good life. Everything you ever wanted is just a short trip away. Journey underground to an expansive, lavish metro, whizz about in its sweltering carriages worming about beneath the surface and emerge on the opposite side of the city. 1,082 more words


Nobody Likes a Diplomat

Homesickness may be the most common complaint in the diplomatic corps, but for many foreign emissaries posted to New York, pining for one’s home country quickly gives way to a more pressing concern: the need to find any home at all. 1,440 more words

Street Signs

I always had this obsession with the ‘ignored’ blue street signs around Lebanon, and what struck my curiosity even more was why no one paid attention to them. 211 more words


Fewer foreigners being hired, lowest since 2009

The number of jobs that went to foreigners fell to 3,800 in the second quarter of 2014, its lowest level since Q3 2009 when 700 jobs were created for foreign workers, according to a recent statement from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on labour market developments for the first six months of the year. 172 more words


When saying yes, leads you out of your comfort zone

It is actually pretty comical to think I am on the other side of the world. Yet, here I sit sipping hot chocolate and eating peanut butter off a spoon. 578 more words


Day Twenty-Two

Three Things I Learned:

1. I know it seems obvious — but it is difficult to find things in English. This especially applies to books and over the phone internet support. 81 more words


Day Eighteen

Three Things I Learned:

1. Even in Japan, people will trick you into talking about the Bible.

2. All the other foreigners (gaijin) in Japan are just as confused about the lack of trashcans in public spaces. 38 more words