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Contact with other foreigners

Last week, I saw my first foreigners since arriving in Qiqihaer. I had been here a month without seeing one and then on Thursday, at the RT Mart, I saw a group of three white girls, all with long blonde or light brown hair, passing through the checkout. 478 more words

Alien Days: The Qiqihaer Diary

New Pictures!

First photo gallery has been added! Check out the “Pictures” page to see snaps from my trip to Cambodia this August.

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When I tried to talk about politics... ...

Hello everybody!

Most Singaporeans should have known about the latest newsflash regarding Han Hui Hui (“HHH”) and her group marching right into YMCA’s charitable event at Hong Lim Park (“HLP”), confronting the Minister who is the Guest of Honor for the event. 1,380 more words

BGC Guards Captured on Video Beating Up Foreigners: Both Sides of the Story

“Sa mga humuhusga kaagad sa mga marshalls ng BGC na hindi alam ang buong pangyayari kundi kung ano lang ang nakita sa video na kumakalat ngayon, maraming eyewitness including the lady below, who came forward to tell the real story behind the incident. 752 more words


Black in China

AFTER BEING THRUST INTO A FRENZIED WORLD of TEFL preparation, Chinese courses, and lesson planning, I counted down to the only vacation day during teacher training. 673 more words


DAY 1: Absolute culture shock

I’d never been to Yeoville, really been to Yeoville until the class trip today. Having driven past the area on my way to another a number of times, I was safe in my many stereotypes of the area. 430 more words

Rofhiwa Madzena

Inventing All Sorts of Excuses: “Cultural Differences” and Letting the Lesson - Finally - Marinate

Sunday, September 28, 2014 8:11 P.M.

Cultural Differences.

…. must be one of the most overused phrases to excuse bad behavior.

All these random things about what is so different between this foreigner and this native person are used to try and smooth over what is clearly complete nonsense. 649 more words