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A Personal Encounter Realizing The Needs of Illegal Foreigners Who Need To Inspire Blessings In Their Own Countries!

by R.OliverLuce | 04-16-14

Developing a vision to inspire illegal foreigners for moral fortitude for law & order and helping their countries with support from us. 996 more words

Political Action

FFF- Foreign Friends Forever

I met some of the most amazing girls this year at my college. They are international and national exchange students at William Paterson. They have taught and exposed me to so much and I truly feel culturally exposed. 97 more words

Are Europeans Taking Over the Neighborhood?

It’s been happening more and more often lately. You keep hearing strange accents when you walk down the street. You’re not sure anymore if it’s drunken slurring or a foreign language–or a combination of both. 199 more words


Confessional #002 (NSFW)

I cracked a Honey Crisp Apple Wheat Shocktop and turned around as he said, “So, I’ve got something to tell you, right..I’m a Racist”. I was moderately incredulous for reasons I’ll reveal later. 495 more words

Mouthy Bitch
Modern History Sourcebook: Commissioner Lin: Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839

Lin , high imperial commissioner, a president of the Board of War, viceroy of the two Keäng provinces, &c., Tang, a president of the Board of War, viceroy of the two Kwang provinces, &c., and E., a vice-president of the Board of War, lieut.-governor of Kwangtung, &c., hereby conjointly address this public dispatch to the queen of England for the purpose of giving her clear and distinct information (on the state of affairs) &c.

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All in All You're Just Another Brick in the Wall

This is where I work.  Life’s tough, eh?  Better than the dungeon I came from (seriously, I worked in a basement: no windows, no circulation, no emergency lights, strange sewer smell and sporadic ceiling leaks) 553 more words