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When Friendships Fall...

Friendships do fall and fail. It is work and it takes all of the parties involved to make it work well. Most of my friends I made during my first year are still the loveliest bunch. 186 more words


Fries, Foreigners and Finger Condoms

As I mentioned in my last post, the day hadn’t ended yet.

Fries are an integral part of the South Korean diet, and what’s the preferred drink with one’s fries? 282 more words

A Magpie for Hongdae

Seoul is an enormous city. I know that’s an obvious thing to say, but it’s truly monstrously sized. I live out in the boonies (Yeongtong), so getting into the hip areas of the city takes almost an hour and a half. 110 more words

Meeting God as the foreigner

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- In this week when dreadful people who support UKIP are banging on about the need to exclude foreigners, and how much they cost our State, I was very interested to look at the biblical view of their significance. 871 more words

Texts From Frances

Thai junta leader in Europe 'to collect stamps of approval'

Originally published at Siam Voices on October 16, 2014

Thai junta Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha will meet leaders of the European Union for the first time since the military coup this week in a self-proclaimed mission to help Western leaders “understand” the political situation in Thailand. 1,019 more words


French Guy Speaks About What It's Like Living In The Philippines

I’ve been seeing this guy for weeks now and it has been great. Born in Normandy where William the Conqueror hailed from and raised in the suburb of Paris. 841 more words


Racism is Alive and Well in Thailand

If you plan to visit and / or live in Thailand, be prepared for blatant double standards and racism. Yes, there are so many wonderful things about Thailand – the beaches, the friendly (and not so friendly) locals, the amazing food, cheap beer and lack of law enforcement. 844 more words