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The DNA photofit: Amazing breakthrough means police can tell suspect's colour, height and even age – from a tiny speck of blood

Daily Mail Australia Martin Beckfor Thed 18 January 2015

Police are now able to build up a detailed picture of a suspect from the smallest speck of blood left at a crime scene thanks to an extraordinary DNA breakthrough. 98 more words

Forensic DNA

DNA and case preparation

The Law Society Gazette David Bentley QC 12 January 2015

Some major changes in DNA technology and analysis have recently come on to the forensic scene – but with little fanfare to accompany those changes, busy practitioners could be forgiven for not having noticed them. 32 more words

Forensic DNA

Judge tosses out two types of DNA testing

New York Daily News Shayna Jacobs 5 January 2015

A Brooklyn judge has stirred up controversy by tossing out two types of DNA proof routinely applied in criminal circumstances.  55 more words

Forensic DNA

The Individual Path of Crime Victims

Many people gather their knowledge about our justice system from novels, television shows and movies. An entire multimillion-dollar industry has been build off of fictional depictions of the criminal justice system. 690 more words

Attorney Michelle S. Cruz

Case over huge drug raid collapses over police errors

Brisbane Times Neil Mer4cer 5 December 2014

The trial of a Sydney man charged with importing 400 kilograms of cocaine on a yacht in 2010 has been aborted after Australian Federal Police denied on oath the existence of certain video footage – only for it to be found on their own website. 33 more words

Drug Analysis And Toxicology

Gender Violence:The Health Impact - Role of Forensic Evidence in Accessing Justice

by Sheila Jayaprakash

Forensic evidence is a specialised branch of medical jurisprudence wherein material is collected and collated in order to form a body of evidence from which scientifically based deductions may be made. 552 more words

Gender Violence