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The Individual Path of Crime Victims

Many people gather their knowledge about our justice system from novels, television shows and movies. An entire multimillion-dollar industry has been build off of fictional depictions of the criminal justice system. 690 more words

Attorney Michelle S. Cruz

Case over huge drug raid collapses over police errors

Brisbane Times Neil Mer4cer 5 December 2014

The trial of a Sydney man charged with importing 400 kilograms of cocaine on a yacht in 2010 has been aborted after Australian Federal Police denied on oath the existence of certain video footage – only for it to be found on their own website. 33 more words

Drug Analysis And Toxicology

Gender Violence:The Health Impact - Role of Forensic Evidence in Accessing Justice

by Sheila Jayaprakash

Forensic evidence is a specialised branch of medical jurisprudence wherein material is collected and collated in order to form a body of evidence from which scientifically based deductions may be made. 552 more words

Gender Violence

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

I could have called this Ferguson 2 but this idiotic gesture has spread too far to limit it to there only.

This gesture is based upon a lie and is used to perpetuate that lie and others incidental to it. 433 more words


Musing on Ferguson.

Forensic evidence showed that Michael Brown was shot dead by bullets fired from Darren Wilson’s gun but what it cannot do is to put the shooting into context. 557 more words

Defence lawyers want autopsy report

Courier Mail 25 November 2014

Queensland Police are yet to give defence lawyers an autopsy report detailing how murder victim Min Tae Kim died, a court has been told. 9 more words

Forensic Pathology

Court told police mistakenly left cocaine haul in car for three days

Courier Mail Kate McKenna 25 November 2014

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police officers accidentally left a duffel bag stuffed with 20kg of cocaine in a locked carpark for three days during their investigation into a haul of imported drugs, a court has heard. 34 more words

Drug Analysis And Toxicology