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14 – Small Point Police Station - 22 June 2013, 9:08 A.M.

Chief Walter Chesnut walked to the front of the small meeting room with a bundle of papers in his hand. Six officers, five male and one female, sat at four desks. 208 more words


National oratory champion recognized by Raymore City Council

The Raymore City Council began their meeting Monday night with a presentation to Raymore-Peculiar High School student Andrea Ambam. Ambam competed in the 2014 National Speech and Debate tournament in Overland Park, Kan. 233 more words


July 28

I had a lunch meeting today with a couple people to discuss one of my upcoming projects. We are going to revive a long-dormant forensics program at the college and yours truly will be the speech coach. 388 more words

Identifying Remains of Malaysian Airliner Victims Could Take Months

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Forensic pathologists in The Netherlands have spent the weekend attempting to identify the remains of victims from the crash of the Malaysian Airliner. 239 more words



“Don’t trust your photographs.” – Robin Pecknold

This is a bit of a mantra for me, and a part of why I’ve always disliked photographs. My mind, which holds onto images, information, and thoughts so crisply has, I suppose, very little use for them. 571 more words


Are Feathered Dinosaurs Common?

An article in Discover Magazine suggests that all dinosaurs may have had feathers. The article examines a new dinosaur, called Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus, and makes this grand claim based on fossils found in Russia, dated from the middle to late Jurassic (176-145 million years ago). 665 more words


Bad Science Goes Up in Smoke

Forensic scientist John Lentini says he was as surprised as anyone at the Lime Street burn, a videotaped inferno that ultimately forced arson experts to abandon a set of flawed guidelines they had relied on for decades. 1,295 more words

Shaken Baby Syndrome