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Rainy days in Vancouver - waffle burgers and police museums

Never one to turn down the opportunity of some free food, when our social media guru, Emma, found through her sources that a fast food restaurant in Vancouver was giving away a free lunch in return for only a ‘like’ on Facebook, we were straight on the case! 960 more words


S-DES Bash File

After going through an S-DES sheet in my cryptography lessons I wanted to make a script that would use S-DES to encrypt stuff. I figured it would be good practice for bash and for learning how S-DES works. 367 more words


Nuclear Northern Lights Prologue Volume 3: Frigid Bitches

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of NNL! And see, it didn’t take me a year to update this time! I’m getting better, I promise. 1,451 more words


Darlie Routier

This woman was arrested and convicted of spraying silly string on her children’s graves. Crucial evidence of her innocence was withheld and her attorney was clearly not able to provide the level of defense she required to fight the prejudicial mentality which consumes the local populace.  2,919 more words

Only On 2: Somber Anniversary Approaches In 2 Cold Case Murders Police Believe Are Linked

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  The third anniversary of the second of two unsolved murders in L.A. is quickly approaching.

Police believe both women fell victim to the same killer. 383 more words


'Race' and Forensic Anthropology

A lecture on the controversy surrounding the conceptualisation of ‘race’ in Forensic Anthropology, and how the concept is used in practice. For a longer discussion on how personal identification is determined in forensic examinations I recommend this article published in Anthropology.


The Science Spot: Science Classroom

The Science Spot: Science Classroom has a nifty little collection of Science projects – Element Trading Cards (with worksheets), Bursting Balloons (looking at Charles’ Law) and two Christmas themed activities. 302 more words