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Finally, a forensics position has opened in the police department.

I just applied for it, and now I am waiting in excitement for a reply. However, I’ll doubt they’ll call or email me back, even with my one-year of experience in labwork and in a law office, because I’m still in school, and the position is full-time (plus, I have to respond to ALL crime scenes). 67 more words


Data Recovering

In my previous post you read how I managed to get a raw image of my friend’s failing hard drive.  This post talks about what to do next and how I delivered on my promise. 322 more words


Wednesday Weekly

The Anatomist’s Apprentice: A Doctor Silkstone Mystery

By Tessa Harris

Well it is rainy and dark and gloomy outside!! What about a simple easy to read and follow mystery? 239 more words

Book Reviews

#Teesside How Many Detectives are allowed to Handle Defendants Blood Forensics

Twitter Trials. I’m Not the. #Mccanns I’d except Anyone to Question Me About the allegations which lead to me being Convicted for a Crime I didn’t do. 776 more words

Fraud in your organisation – how to protect your business

Many businesses are shocked not only when they discover a fraud, normally perpetrated by someone from within their organisation, but also by how little the police are often willing or able to do about the loss. 394 more words


Why study mass graves and death camps archaeologically?

For this week, I was also tasked with answering the question of why we have archaeological investigations of death camps, even though countless other sources (history books, survivor testimonies, documentaries, etc.) exist to inform us of these tragedies. 438 more words


Forensic Archaeology: Tensions, Contradicitons, and Ethical Issues

This week I was tasked with examining the tensions, contradictions and ethical issues in conducting forensic archaeology work on mass graves. Excavating a mass grave is already a tense situation in and of itself that brings to light ethical concerns. 601 more words